The Backstage passes (Niall/Louis fanfiction)

Katie Hollands is a year 12 student at the Melbourne state school. Once every four years the school hosts a competition for charity. The winner of the competition, such as her best friend Sophie Mathews who won in year 8, receives a special prize that's definitely worth fighting for. Since Sophie won the family pass to Thailand, Katie knows that this years prize will be just as good, if not better. What happens when Katie finds out the the prize is 2 backstage passes to a one direction concert? Why is she more excited after the whole competition is over? More importantly, what happens when one of the most important people in her life changes it forever?

(A/N: this is a plot that's never been tried before, trust me. No clichés. She doesn't bump into "him" at or they don't fall in love when they touch. This is actually a realistic version, so enjoy :)


18. Missing You

From: Soph: (A/N: IM SO FUCKING ANNOYED CAUSE I WROTE A WHOLE CHAPTER AND IT DIED SJHEJSJVD) c'mon bitch! The tension is killing me! Come home!

To: Soph: ok ok I'll come home tomorrow at 4 (it's Wednesday on the first week of the Wednesday after the concert) now let me cuddle!

From: Soph: cuddle? What the fuck are you doing katie!?

To: Soph: all will be explained ;)

I turn my phone off and snuggle into niall's Chest more, watching the boys question each other

"Ok Louis, how do you feel about fans who constantly question you about carrots?"

" was funny at first, but now it's tiresome. Sometimes I like it, but it's mainly annoying. I have a shit ton of carrots from the fans and I hate it. I don't give a fuck if my girlfriend doesn't like them"

I frown.

"Ok..." Niall laughs as Harry makes a face. The boys look up at us on the couch.

"We nearly forgot about you lov- to join in the game?"

I roll my eyes and nod with Niall.

" do you feel about being called a leprechaun?"

"I don't mind if it's somebody I love, like my family or close friend or my girlfriend..but it's annoying when the fans do it and I don't know why"

"Cool" Louis answers. My eyes widen as he pulls out a blanket with silky edges (my god I'm obsessed with them, tell me I'm not the only one?)

"Louis gimme the blanket"

I grow ours on him as he hands it over, a confused look on his face. I sigh in happiness and snuggle up to the blanket, niall's arms wrapped around me.

"I've always had an obsession with them- you have no idea how long it's been since I've had one"

They laugh.

"Ok, katie, what are your beliefs? Such as like, god and gay marriage"

"Hmmm. I have nothing against gay marriage, in fact I want it to be legalised everywhere (DID YOU KNKW THT TONY ABBOTT'S SISTER IS LESBIAN AND HES STILL AGAINST IT I MEAN ALL SERIOUSNESS ASIDE IMAGINE THE ARGUMENTS BETWEEN THEM) I feel strongly that being against gay marriage is like being racist. Just because somebody is different doesn't mean we should exclude them. I don't believe in god. I think that god was made up so people could believe in something, so people didn't have to question the world. Um..I don't believe in love at first sight (these are all the things I believe in) I believe that you need to have a healthy friendship before a relationship and that you need to get to know somebody before you can call it love. I also believe in sex after marriage"

Louis, Harry and zayn gasp.

"Sex after marriage? You mean, that Jason guy wasn't joking when he said you are a virgin?"

I shrug.

"Yes I'm a virgin. I believe that you should only have se after marriage because of the chance of children and that you should only make love to somebody after you've shown full commitment"

Niall rolls his eyes at the gaping boys.

"I agree with katie"

Louis shakes his head in disbelief

"I can't believe it. That's so weird..."

We continue to question each other, time passing quickly. I check my watch. 11:26. I yawn and stretch my ankle. I have taken the ice off, but silk left it on a footrest. It's pretty much healed anyway.

"By the way guys I gotta go at 3:30 tomorrow. Soph needs company"

The boys on the floor groan, but Niall just tightens his grip and sighs.

"You have to spend more time with us kitty kat" lou States

"I will I will, I promise to keep in touch"

I get all their contacts and yawn again

"And I'll be sure to bring sophie" I wink at Harry. He mouths a thank you.

"For now, let us sleep"

The rest of the boys head into the tent. Zayn pops his head out.

"Are you guys coming in? Your ankle has healed kati- ohhh... Um...night.."

I roll my eyes

"I still need the foot rest and Niall is my protector"

He giggles and allows me to lay my head on his chest. I can't get over how comfy he is, way more comfy than any bed. Not to mention his muscular warm arms that hold you.

"Night princess"

"Night my little leprechaun"

I wait for him to protest, but frown when he doesn't.

-Liam's POV-

"Are they asleep yet Liam?" Zayn questions

I poke my head out to see niall's arms wrapped around katie, him snoring slightly and katie with her mouth open.

"Yes, now what is it zayn?"

We sit in a circle and look at zayn.

"I think Niall and katie are hooking up"

Harry shrugs

"So what?"

Zayn sighs

"I'm just saying we need to be prepared"

I glance at Louis to see his eyes watering. I shake my head

"Louis no."

He sighs.

"Louis it's obvious Niall would die for her"

Harry gasps

"Louis you can't love katie"

"I can't help it"

"Give it time. You do love her but you know there's the rule. You can't date a mates girl, and Niall obviously has feelings for her. Besides, she doesnt want to be in a relationship at the moment-"

"I know. She talked to me-"

"You talked got her about it?"

"It's a long story, we will discuss it in the morning"

We all sigh and leave it at that. Louis liking katie isn't going to end well, and shit is about to go down.


-Katie's POV-

I pick up my phone and hug all the boys again.

"I promise I'll call!"

"Don't forget us!"

I laugh

"Yeah I'm totally gunna forget the boys of one direction..."

I hug Louis as he hands me the silky blanket.

"Keep it"

I kiss his cheek.

"Thank you"

I say my last good byes and allow the guard to lead me through the screaming fans, their questions blurring in my ears.

"Are you a girlfriend!?"

"Who are you?"

"What the hell-"

I ignore their noise and grunt as the guard shoves me in a taxi, the driver sighing.

"Sorry about the guard, where to sweetie?"

I give her the directions and watch as the hotel drifts into the distance. I don't know how Sophie is going to react, but I know that I'm going to talk to her about dating niall. Niall is becoming a really close friend. She can date any other boy, just not Niall. Niall and I had a deep and meaningful last night, and it meant a lot to me. He told me that he's never had a friend like me and that I mean the world to him. He seems like he just wants to spend time with me, because e said he needs advice. I understand that. I'm his friend now, and I will be there for him.

"Here we are"

I pay the lady and thank her as I climb out.

"Good luck with the media"

I laugh and wave as she drives off. I smile awkwardly as I see Sophie looking at me with a huge grin on her face through the window.

I take a deep breath and turn the door handle, my eyes squeezed shut.


I stiffen as she hugs me tightly

"I'm so so so so so so so sorry katie-"

"It's fine, but I need to talk to you before I tell you what ie been doing"

She nods an puts her serious face on

I sit down on the couch with her and explain with detail why I don't want her dating Niall. I explain why he means so much to me, even though we practically just met.

"Le me say one thing kat"

I nod

"You love Niall. Don't deny it. Let me finish. I know you may not feel it now, but I guarantee that you will soon enough. Deep down you love him, and he loves you. Every good relationship builds on friendship, so yeah"

I shrug

"I also promised Harry that you would be with me next time. He really likes you Sophie. What happened?"

She sighs

"I've always liked Harry, I still do, I was just confused. I've looked up to him for so long that the idea of dating him confused and scared me, so I thought if I dated niall, maybe I could just be fiends with Harry. Besides, Niall is my second fav and I sorta liked him. I knew deep down that you two were becoming close, I just was too blind in my own selfishness to see it"

I nod, and take another sip of my hot Chocolate


I giggle and shrink into my blanket, the one Louis gave me


"Ok ok. As I said. I bumped into Louis and Niall at the park. I twisted my ankle or something and the refused to let me home, saying that the fans would eventually calm down and that try didn't want to lead them to my place, so I stayed at their hotel for a bit"

I explain every little detail, except my deep and meaningful with Niall

"Oh my god. I'm so #jealous"

I smile and place empty cup next to my other empty 3

"I think Louis likes you took oh god. That's weird"

I shrug

"I really don't know right now, I can't handle any sort of relationship"

She nods

"And you sang with Niall! And they liked it!"

I nod and allow my mind to be proud. I haven't actually thought about how lucky I am until now. The worlds most famous boyband said I was a great singer.

"Let's skype tom"

I grab my phone

To:tom; you ok for a skype?

From: tom: yeah sure!

I hug Sophie for no reason and start up Skype on the computer. They like my singing. They like me. Louis likes me. Niall might like me. Harry likes Soph. We are personal friends with the whole band. I bite my lip. We are so so so so disgustingly lucky, and I hate the feeling that I'm taking it for granted

"Hey girls!"

I scream and jump back as tom appears on the screen

"Nice to see you too kat"

I giggle and smell my blanket. Stinks of one direction.


I sigh and explain everything to tom, allowing Sophie to take over some bits.

"Oh my god katie. I'm so proud"

We talk about it for about an hour, Sophie and tom constantly repeating that I need to date, insisting they get why I can't but say I should. They don't understand. They might have seen what I've been through, but they haven't experienced it. They really have no idea what the pain is like.

"Ok ok let's talk about something else"

"Alright...well aunt Martha is working me hard"

(I has wrong mind, and so does katie. :3)

I squeeze my eyes shut, an attempt to control myself, but fail. My hard laughter fills the room. Sophie sighs and slaps me softly.

"I'm...sorry...I" I giggle breathlessly

They both crack up and join in with my giggles

"My god katie what the fuck is wrong with you!"

"I'm sorry! You know you can't talk like that with me"

"Ok...back to aunt Martha. She has made me now the lawns and do the dishes and the laundry and garden and clean and mop and chop the firewood and UFH! I can't do it anymore! My delicate skin can't handle it! I'm on holiday for fucks sake!"

I giggle

"Poor tommy. I wish we could hug"

I smile sympathetically and sip my 5th hot chocolate. Sophie sighs

"On the bright side, you will get muscles and abs, which makes you more attractive"

Tom lightens up

"Gah I forgot to mention! I met this guy..."

I smile and listen as we start talking about dating again. I'm happy for tom, since he doesn't stumble across gays normally.

"Ok guys, I better go. It's 8"

I curse

"We've been talking for 3 and a half hours?"

He nods. We say our goodbyes and Hang up, my mind racing around

"I miss toms voice" I say suddenly. Sophie nods

"I don't know why, I just do. It's weird not having toms silly accidents and jokes"

"Yeah..I miss him"

I quickly grab my phone

To: tom: we really miss you tom <3

I quickly scroll through twitter as Sophie makes us sandwiches

@niallhornan: I really enjoyed spending time with @katie_kat! Hope we can do it more often

@louistomilson: ditto! Even though you dominated in monopoly, we still love you! @katie_kat

@liampayne: best few nights with @katie_kat! Missing you already!

@zaynmalik: hope we can do it again @katie_kat

@harrystyles: had fun @katie_kat, hopefully next time we will have even more fun when you bring @sophiemathew

I giggle and show Sophie the tweet


I continue to look at the comments on niall's comment about me

@1D_fangirl4ever: who was that girl who came out of your hotel? A girlfriend? #confused

@niallhornan: close friend @1D_fangirl4ever

@Harry'sSlut: that's what they all say, but deep down one or more of you like her. And btw @katie_kat sorry I haven't texted, my phone broke and I had to get it fixed and yeah :( Btw I'm Emma, the girl at the concert

@niallhoran: maybe @harry'sSlut

I quickly type a reply

@katie_kat: hey @harrysSlut! I'm so sorry I haven't texted either, so caught up in things. Hope we can talk soon <3

I lock my phone and munch on a cheese sandwich.

"Nom nom very tasty Soph"

I continue to eat as well as ignoring the calls from Jason.

"Are you gunna answer them?"

I shake my head

"It's Jason"


I glance at the phone and see there's now 10 missed calls. It rings again

"I better deal with it"

I grab the phone and walk outside, the door closing behind me.


"Hello this is the State Emergency hospital calling to inform you that Jason has been in an accident. May I take your name?"

I raise an eyebrow

"Katie Hollands"

"Ok, thank you. It's just I'm using Jason's phone and your contact said girlfriend-"

"I'm his ex. I broke up with the abusive man whore ages ago"

"Um..ok..I'm ringing to say he is in a critical state and that a familiar face might comfort him"

"Ring his parents"

"They are hours away and Jason May not make it without a loved one-"

"I hate him"


"I don't care" I reply coldly and hang up, a grin on my face

I know it's harsh, but that's one problem gone.

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