The Backstage passes (Niall/Louis fanfiction)

Katie Hollands is a year 12 student at the Melbourne state school. Once every four years the school hosts a competition for charity. The winner of the competition, such as her best friend Sophie Mathews who won in year 8, receives a special prize that's definitely worth fighting for. Since Sophie won the family pass to Thailand, Katie knows that this years prize will be just as good, if not better. What happens when Katie finds out the the prize is 2 backstage passes to a one direction concert? Why is she more excited after the whole competition is over? More importantly, what happens when one of the most important people in her life changes it forever?

(A/N: this is a plot that's never been tried before, trust me. No clichés. She doesn't bump into "him" at or they don't fall in love when they touch. This is actually a realistic version, so enjoy :)


21. Complicated Disaster

I grip him, cry my last tears, and sniffle as I let go.

"I know that you wouldn't mean to hurt me, it's just if something does happen I will be extra cautious because of recent events, meaning I'll take it too seriously. I just need time to recover, that's all"

He nods and closes his eyes. I look a him meaningfully as he opens them again.

"One last kiss? Before I have to wait?"

I sigh helplessly.

"It'll just make things harder"

His pleading blue eyes pierce into mine.

"Please? Just one?"

I consider for a moment

"Fine, but this never happened. None of it"

He nods. I look down shyly as his hand gets placed on my cheek. I look deep into his sparkling eyes and remind myself never to forget them. The sparkling circles close a he leans in, tilting his head. I do the same. My body buzzes with excitement and desire as our lips meet,his warm hands brushing my face. He starts to pull away, but my heart pulls him back and embraces the special moment. He mumbles something, but the comment vibrates on my lips and is discarded. I wrap my arms around his neck, him wrapping his arms around my waist. I know I said things, but I'm glad he's going to wait for me. My heart screams as we pull back, me wanting never to stop.


My eyes water again. Niall hugs me again and whispers in my ear.

"I'll always be here, no matter what happens"

I nod and pull out of the hug. I really do want to be with Niall, but something unknown deep down is stopping me, telling me it's not a good idea. When I said I wouldn't really like to be involved with anybody famous because of the obvious reasons, I meant it. It's not just personal reasons stopping me, it's public reasons too.

"I'll wait as long as I can kat, but I have limits"

I giggle softly and press the buttons to turn the bubbles off, an arm wrapped around my waist from behind. I grimace and slip out of his hold.


I shrug and grab a towel.

"I'm not complianing"

He rolls his eyes and grabs another towel for himself.

"You're teasing me"

"Don't guys like hard to get?"


I punch him in the arm, wrap a towel around myself and stride towards the door.

"I'll try my best not to make it hard for you, but you know, I don't blame you for not being able to resist my sexiness" I wink

He laughs are watches as I leave him there, breaking his heart.


"I've finished Louis, Hand me my clothes"

I hear him laugh and throw the clothes on the floor. I narrow my eyes and close the bathroom door. The bathroom is small, so I try my best to slip on the familiar clothes in the cramped area, bumping myself a few times. I check myself in the mirror,decide I'm acceptable, then walk forward and reach out to twist the door knob.

"Oh and katie watch the floor, since you've just had a show-"

I curse loudly and scream as my non-grip vans slip on the wet tiles. I land with a loud thud and small crack.I groan and struggle to keep my eyes open as black spots appear.

"Katie what happened? Open the door! Katie? KATIE!"

My blurry vision and muted hearing produce a stumbling man, a door on the ground behind him. He rushes over and kneels down.

"Katie? Are you ok?"

I frown and quicken my breath as my asthma starts up. Louis looks at me like I'm from mars.

"Katie? Don't breathe so fast I'm here"

He brushes the hair out of my eyes as my breath quickens even more, the oh so familiar scratchy feeling returning.

"Katie I'm here shhh"

The black dots slowly multiply as the coughing starts. Louis jumps back slightly and gasps.

"Ok katie keep coughing it off"

But I can't. The feeling keeps on rising as I keep coughing. I sit up from the small pool of blood Louis doesn't seem to notice and frantically try and tell him.


He frowns an simply pats my back. I shake my head and Stand up, stumbling towards the door. I feel hands wrap around me, preventing me from grabbing my bag containing my puffer just centimetres away from me.

"Katie stay here I'll go get help"

I try once again to tell him about the inhaler, my coughing getting worse.


He looks at me then runs out of the room. I cry out and stumble onto the ground, my lungs screaming with pain and the desperation for air. I attempt to crawl to the side table, but my chest feels like a million tons. I look up at niall, knowing he has asthma, as the rest of the boys appear, Liam with a first aid container in hand. I scratch at his hands knowing very well laying down while having an asthma attack makes it ten times worse as he pushes my chest downwards. Niall pulls the container from Liam and frantically opens it, kneeling down and sitting me up. I look at him, coughing worse, with grateful eyes.

"Niall what are you doing? Lay her down!"

I feel zayn's hands push me down onto the carpet. My coughing intensifies and my breath becomes more desperate as they argue.

"She needs water"

"She needs cough syrup"

"She needs hospital hell! Look at the blood!"

Niall stands up, snatches the first aid kit away, sits me up and continue what he was doing before. The otherboys start arguing again, my last breath slowly fading.


They instantly become quiet as the relieving control of the asthma puffer slips into my mouth. Niall presses the release and allows me to breathe in, holding my head and lifting my chin.

"There. Katie are you ok?"

I nod faintly and try to resist my eyelids closing, them feeling like a thousand kilos. I stand up suddenly, but stumble and lean on an object I can't identify. I sway violently as the boys stand up to help, but it's too late.

The darkness of relief takes over, and the last memory of Harry catching my fall replays in my head.

Important a/N: hey guys sorry the chapter is small, haven't had a lot of time lately. This author note is about the importance of people entering contest! There's been two entries and I know for a fact more than two people follow this story! Please enter! The role is extremely important! Anyway...32 reads!? 40 comments? 18 favs! 13 likes? Thank you so much for the support guys! Please spread the word about this since it's my first ever novella. Thank you again! Excuse any mistakes in any of this chapter including the authors note because my auto correct is playing with me and it's literally 1;04am and I really am tired so yeah...

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