The Backstage passes (Niall/Louis fanfiction)

Katie Hollands is a year 12 student at the Melbourne state school. Once every four years the school hosts a competition for charity. The winner of the competition, such as her best friend Sophie Mathews who won in year 8, receives a special prize that's definitely worth fighting for. Since Sophie won the family pass to Thailand, Katie knows that this years prize will be just as good, if not better. What happens when Katie finds out the the prize is 2 backstage passes to a one direction concert? Why is she more excited after the whole competition is over? More importantly, what happens when one of the most important people in her life changes it forever?

(A/N: this is a plot that's never been tried before, trust me. No clichés. She doesn't bump into "him" at or they don't fall in love when they touch. This is actually a realistic version, so enjoy :)


17. Authors Note;


FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK IVE STUFFED UP IM SO SORRY! Sorry bout language but just ignore everything about Eleanor! There is no Eleanor in this story YET! LOUIS IS SINGLE! I REPEAT, LOUIS IS SINGLE! I have edited parts that included Eleanor and made it so Louis is single. Please forgive me. I is soz.

A/N: hey guys, just writing to say that I recently started writing a book called


And guess what!? It's about me ranting about shit. I would love some support as there has only been one person who has read it. I mainly need people commenting on it because I need ideas to rant about! Haha..anyway! I'd love some more support for the book! Thanks

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