The Backstage passes (Niall/Louis fanfiction)

Katie Hollands is a year 12 student at the Melbourne state school. Once every four years the school hosts a competition for charity. The winner of the competition, such as her best friend Sophie Mathews who won in year 8, receives a special prize that's definitely worth fighting for. Since Sophie won the family pass to Thailand, Katie knows that this years prize will be just as good, if not better. What happens when Katie finds out the the prize is 2 backstage passes to a one direction concert? Why is she more excited after the whole competition is over? More importantly, what happens when one of the most important people in her life changes it forever?

(A/N: this is a plot that's never been tried before, trust me. No clichés. She doesn't bump into "him" at or they don't fall in love when they touch. This is actually a realistic version, so enjoy :)


14. Accidents happen

I take a deep breath in and continue my run, the cool air brushing past my face.. Running has always calmed me, it allows me to clear my head, except this time all I see is annoyance. Frustration. Hurt.


No. It's not like I can stop Sophie from taking Niall away from me, it's just Niall and I seem to be really good friends already. She lied to me about Harry giving her his number, mind you, I did too, but the fact that she said she would tell me no matter what.

My sneakers squeak on the concrete as I suddenly cut a corner. I stop for a moment, catch my breath, press play on the phone attached to my arm and continue running.

I glance up to see 2 cyclists whizz past. I gasp slightly and frown. They could have at least given me some warning. I turn my music off in frustration and continue. I just want a peaceful jog around the park. That's all I've ever really wanted. I wish there were no bikes here, or any scooters or prams....

Or skateboards.

I scream as the first skateboard crashes into my shin, making me stumble and fall. Second time today. The other skateboard rams into my side as I look up at the sky and groan in pain. The riders laying on the grass beside the path. Honestly, this has been a crap day for me.

"Could you people just watch where you are going" I mumble as I stand up and brush all the dust off, ignoring the blood spilling from my shin and my knee.


I go to sneer at the riders, but Sigh an roll my eyes.

"Are you two stalking me?"

"Not deliberately"

I crack my neck and start to jog again, my pace returning.

"Wait! Katie?"

I spin around and give them a blank look.

"I'm busy guys, we can talk later"

I look at Them with Teary eyes for a moment, then smile faintly and turn around to start again.


I fall backwards as the bike crashes into me. I close my eyes and raise my hand to my head and groan as I hear Louis and Niall arguing with the rider.

"Look what you did!"

I feel muscly hands grasp my wrist. I open my eyes weakly, smile and Louis, then close my eyes and continue listening.

"You need to watch where you are going mate!"

"She was the one who didn't look"

I sit up, rub my eyes and let Louis support me as I stand up wearily


I run over to him and cover his mouth.

"It's ok, just watch where you are going next time"

"Sorry if you got hurt.."

I ignore the comment and allow Louis and Niall help me walk, their hands around my back, my hand round their shoulders. I shouldn't have run over to Niall, since only now do I realise that I've hurt my ankle.

"Today is full of falls"

They sit me down on a bench, Niall in front of me and Louis beside me. They still have their hoodies and shades on.

"What hurts?"

I point to my right ankle and allow him to examine it carefully.

"It just looks twisted. Let's get you some ice"

I look at my watch.

"Niall your date is in twenty minutes!"

He shrugs.

"Another time"

I wait as Louis calls a cab, my ankle swelling.

"We could just walk back to my house-"

Louis hangs up and looks at me.

"Not with your injury, and besides, I've already called a cab"

I smile at him.

"Thank you guys"

"No problem"

"My pleasure"

-Niall's POV-

I look at the swelling ankle and sigh. That stupid bike rider. She's gunna have to be using ice and sitting down for a while. Sophie isn't gunna be happy when I don't show up, but my friend is injured, and she can deal with it. Even though katie and I have just recently met, she's already becoming good friends with me.

I pick up katie bridal style and head towards the can, Louis giggling by my side.

"Hey Niall! Put me doowwnnn!"

"Never, you are hurt"

I glance around after sitting katie in the taxi. Fans. Running. I tap Louis' shoulder and whisper in his ear.

"We can't lead them to Katie's place"

He nods.

"They already know where we are staying"

We quickly sit down beside katie.

"To the king star hotel please"

I put my arm around katie as she frowns.

"Why not my place?"

I point to the screaming fans running towards the can.

"We can lead them to your place, so we are going to our hotel until they reside enough"

She sighs and grabs her phone from her arm.

-Katie's POV-

I dial Sophie's number and gulp.


"Katie where are you! Niall is gunna be here in like 10 minutes!"

"About that..."

I sigh again.

"Louis and Niall ran into me on their skateboards, then a person on their bike rammed into me causing me to hurt my ankle enough that I needed help to walk. Niall and Louis insisted that they help me, so because there are fans everywhere, they decided not to lead them to my place, meaning that we are heading to their hotel-"

"Is Niall still coming?"

I frown.

"Yes Sophie, I'm fine, thanks for asking"

"Is Niall still coming!?!"

"No he's not Sophie but I'll organise another time-"



"You fucking got injured so Niall can't come? Nice one kat!"

"Excuse me? I didn't deliberately get hurt! Plus I didn'task for their help-"


"Sophie what the fuck is wrong with you?"

"I wanted Niall so bad and you had to take that away from me-"

"Actually Sophie, whenever I get a guy friend you always, and I mean ALWAYS, take him away from me! It's not fair! Can't I have ANY guy friends without you snogging them!?"

"I didn't take tom-"


I Hang up and lean back in my seat.

"I gather Sophie isn't too happy that Niall isn't coming?"

"Yeah. She isn't. Said that it's all my fault. She always takes away my friends and it isn't fair"

I blink away the tears.

"I dont want to go out with Sophie anyway katie. She will just scream in my face and I don't want that"

I smile.

"Anyway, we are here"

Niall grabs me and puts his jacket over me. I wince as the sounds of screaming girls full my ears. Louis supports one side while Niall supports the other.

I limp along as security guards head towards us out of nowhere. Niall explains my situation to one of the guards. He gestures for us to follow.

"Harry, Liam and zayn will be here to help too" I hear Louis whisper in my hear as the guard locks the hotel'a door. We start to head towards the elevator, but I get forced to turn around.

"Unfortunately the lift is broken"

Niall and Louis groan.

"We are on the top flooorrr"

I sigh.

"Let's try"

Louis and Niall look at each other.

"It's 15 storeys high katie, I don't think we should"

"What do we do then?"

Niall hands me over to Louis.

"I'll go get supplies and we will camp in the private lounge"

Niall runs towards the stairs.

"Be careful Niall!" I yell faintly as he starts jogging up the it's flight of stairs.

Louis carries me towards a orange door, bridal style once again.

"You're strangely light, I mean, tall girls usually weigh slightly more"

"Yeah,I'm also one of those lucky people who can eat and eat and eat and to put any if not little weight on"

He laughs.

"Niall is like that too. Actually you and Niall have a lot in common"

"Such as?"

"Well, you both play guitar, you're both perverted, you're both Irish , well I'm presuming that you are because of your accent, you can both eat heaps and not put weight on, you're both awesome gamers and so on"

He sits me down on one of the couches and puts my feet up on a foot rest, then sits beside me. I look into the distance blankly.

"I didn't realise"

"Mhm well it's pretty strange really, that's why you guys make such good friends"

He nudges my arm slightly. I giggle.

"We aren't going to hook up. I'm not going to get into any relationship for a while. I'm sick of the whole drama-"

"The heartbreak, the jealousy, yeah it's tough"

"I just want to be single for a while, you know? I've had no good relationships in the past and I just need a break"

He nods.

"I get it. I've been through many heartbreaks and headaches and depressing thoughts and so on, but it passes when you do think you've found the one...well that's what they've said"

I stare at my phone as a message pops up.

From: SOPHIEEEE: I'm moving out

To: Bitch: good. I don't need you stuffing your face with my food anyway

"Girls can be such bitches can't they?"

He nods.

"Boys can be dicks too"

"Sophie is so annoying sometimes. I get ANY guy friends and she just decides 'well I'm gunna go out with him and destroy Katie's friendship'"

"That used to happen to me and zayn"

I lean back as Niall opens the door, three handsome boys behind him.


I laugh as he sits down next to me, zayn on the floor, Harry next to Louis and Liam standing.

"We brought food and blankets and a tent and pillows and ice..."

Niall creates an ice pack with a tea towel and gently places it on my foot.

"Thank you so much guys"

"No prob" they chant.

Niall lays all the food on the floor and uses a blanket as a picnic table. Zayn picks me up and places me on the ground so I can access the food, my back against the front of the couch. Louis rubs his hands together and licks his lips.

"Let's eaatt!"

I grin and start digging into the sandwiches. They had laid out strawberries, apples, sandwiches, carrot and celery sticks, chips and bananas.

I lay back and sigh in relief as Liam finishes off the last apple.

"Ok, let's play truth or dare!"

Niall lifts me back onto the couch and puts his arm around me.

"Oooo I choose dare somebody dare me!" Louis says

I grin evilly.

"I dare you, Louis, to shove the spare ice down your pants and leave it until we finish the game"

The colour leaves his face.


He shoves the ice in and jumps a little, me taking a photo.

"Fucking Jesus Christ that's cold"

We laugh

"Ok somebody do my truth" I say, re tying my hair.

"Oh um...tell us a secret" Harry says

I stroke you chin dramatically.

"I love horror movies, so I only pretend to be scared to either go to bed or cuddle with my dad"


Zayn coughs.

"Oh shut up zayn"

He smirks

"Ok somebody darrreee meeeee!"

Liam laughs, walks over to Harry and grabs his phone.

"I dare you to give out your number to all the fans out there, but you have to answer every single one that calls within the next hour, after the hour you can change your number"

He groans.

"Do it do it!" We chant.

For the next ten minutes we create a sign using some cardboard Niall grabbed from the bin and a marker in Harry's pocket, normally used for on the spot signing.


I giggle as Zayn opens the window, allowing screams to fill the room. After about 5 minutes, Harry's phone starts ringing.

"Fucking hell" he curses under his breath.

He grabs the phone and heads towards the door.

"I better take these calls Guys, they might be important" he winks and walks out.

"Ok....I want zayn to do my truth"

" Danielle the one"

"As far as I know, yes"

Niall starts making kissing noises. Liam punches his arm.


"I hate you"

"I thought we had something Liam"

"It's ok nialler, you'll always be in my heart"


I clap my hands together.

"Ok! Zayn's turn!"

"Somebody dare me"

"Woo ok, I dare you to stay up all night. I'm going to stay up anyway, so I'll make sure you do. No sleeping for zayn"

He stares at Louis.

"I can't."

"It's either that or give Niall a lap dance"

"Zayn is NOT giving me a lap dance"

Louis shrugs.

"Fine ill do it."

He looks at the ground and sulks.

"Well, it's niall's turn"

"I choose dare"

"I'll dare him!" Zayn's head pops up.

"I dare you to...make out with Liam for 10 seconds"

He grins. Liam scratches his neck.

"Cmere Liam, you did say I'll always be in your heart"

Liam rolls his eyes.

I start a video as we countdown.


They join lips as everybody starts laughing, Liam dramatically running his hands through niall's hair.

"Ok ok! You can stop!" I say breathlessly.

Niall looks at Liam with a question clearly on his mind.

"Tuna for lunch?"

"Yeah, pizza?"


"Ew guys...ugh..."

We Continue our game of truth or dare, snacking on cookies and chocolate. I look at the boys as they laugh at Louis, him taking the ice out. This is what it's like to hang out with guy friends. No bitchiness, no fashion, no talking about boys all the time and no worry,

"Are you ok katie?"

I blink furiously as the boys look up at me.

"I'm just guys are actually genuine friends. No arguments, no worries. Just friends"

They all look at each other.


I shriek as the jump on me, avoiding my ankle.

"I really do love you guys, and I'm saying that a a friend, not as a fan"

"Nawww" they all chant.

I sit helplessly as they set up a tent on the floor, blankets, torches and pillows inside. I giggle as Harry comes back in.

"I changed my number. I have headache. Am going to my actual bed"

I hug him goodnight. He shut the door and heads towards his room as Louis goes to lift me up.

"No, I think it would be better if I stayed on the couch. I didn't help with the tent"


"It's more comfortable here and I have a foot rest. Han me a blanket and I'll be right"

Before they can protest Niall cuts in.

"I'll sleep on the couch with you"

We say our good nights, which includes more group hugs. I replenish my ice and set up my pillows. Niall sits down nex to me and lays a blanket over us. I feel his lips press against my ear.

"Night, princess" he whispers

"Night nialler"

I lean my head on his chest and allow his arms to hold me, his cold breath on my face.

Take that, Sophie.

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