For Danica's 18th Birthday her parents brought her a ticket to Australia so she could spend it with her best friend, Katelin. Little did she know Katelin had just moved in across the street from the one and only Luke Hemmings. Slight mature content.


19. Memory.

Kat’s POV

The steaming coffee from the pot fogged up my glasses as I poured it into my mug. My eyes wandering to the bright flowers in the vase by the sink, I smiled at the memory.


Mum and I were sitting on the couch watching Home and Away when the doorbell rang; mum’s eyes immediately looked to me.


“I swear, if that’s Michael…” she growled as I got up to open the door.


I opened the door to find a pair of pale hands holding a big, brightly coloured bunch of flowers, their head hidden behind the bouquet.


“Delivery for Kat? Is there a Kitten here?” the person asked, their voice an octave higher than what seemed normal.


“Meow,” I replied giggling. “Who’re they from?”


“Me,” Michael smiled moving the bouquet so I could see his face.


“I thought there was a mouse behind those flowers and I don’t know anyone called ‘me’,” I snickered.


“Well then let me rephrase, these flowers are from your amazing boyfriend. I believe you know him, his name is Michael Clifford.”


“Oh Michael! I know him, he’s a cutie,” I smiled, pecking him on the cheek, taking the flowers from his hands.


“Yeah, he likes you a lot and he’s glad you’re his girlfriend.”


“Well I like him a whole damn lot as well. Wanna come in?” I asked as he leant against the door-frame.


“Nah, your mum hates me enough,” he chuckled.


“Alright,” I replied.


“See you later Kitten,” he smiled kissing me softly.


“Bye Mousie,” I replied as he turned and left, shutting the door once he was out of view.


“What’d he want?” mum grumbled from the couch while I walked into the kitchen.


“He brought me flowers,” I replied with a grin searching for a vase in the cupboards.




“I don’t know,” I replied annoyed. “Stop with the questions. I know you don’t like him, he knows you don’t like him. I don’t care but you just need to calm the fuck down and get over it. He’s not some kind of druggie, he’s the cutest human being on the planet and you need to get to know him before you start judging. Have you even had a decent conversation with him?”


“No,” she replied quietly.


“Well try and talk to him the next time he comes over, it’s not that hard.” I said angrily pulling a vase out from under the sink and filled it with water.


Mum silently got up from the couch and walked down the hallway. I sighed placing the flowers in the water as I heard the shower being turned on.



The door closing brought me back to reality, Dani trying to sneak in, her face clean of makeup, her hair a mess.


“Someone had fun last night,” I snickered pouring milk in my coffee.


“Shit, I didn't think anyone was awake,” she grumbled.


“So… how was it?” I asked slyly.


“Amazing,” she gushed, her face turning pink. “Cute flowers.”


“Thanks, Michael brought them over last night… while you were busy.”


“Pssh, we only had sex twice…” she replied pouring herself some coffee.


“Twice?” I exclaimed almost choking on my coffee.


“As if you and Mike haven’t had sex more than once.”


“You and Cal are just horny little shits. Michael and I've only had sex once and we were drunk.”


“Whatever,” she scoffed, sipping her coffee.


“Hey, you wanna come get a piercing with me today? I’m gonna get my lip done.”


“Oh yeah, I remember talking about this last year but I never got it done,” she replied playing with her lip.


“Same,” I laughed. “I remember you fangirling about Calum biting on your lip ring if you ever got one and I was just sitting at home behind my computer laughing at you.”


“Don’t!” she whined covering her face with her free hand. “I’ll just get horny again and then think about last night and fuck Kat!”


I just laughed, tipping the dregs of my coffee down the sink.


“I’m going to shower and then we’ll go,” I replied still laughing at Dani’s expression.


“And I don’t get to shower?” she asked gesturing to her mess of hair.


“There are two bathrooms in this house you dork. I’ll use mum’s she’s at work anyway.”


Michael's cute. I want to marry him. Like I'm not even kidding rn.

- Kat x

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