For Danica's 18th Birthday her parents brought her a ticket to Australia so she could spend it with her best friend, Katelin. Little did she know Katelin had just moved in across the street from the one and only Luke Hemmings. Slight mature content.


11. Lucas, Your Mum's A Sex Addict.

Kat’s POV

I sat on the floor laughing at the video when Luke came rushing back into the house taking my shirt off his head and throwing it at me. We all slowly made our way back into the lounge room, Calum carrying the laptop having a private conversation with Dani. While Calum was talking Luke and Ashton had started a new game of Fifa with Michael watching. I quickly went to the bathroom to put my shirt back on and to search the cupboards to see if Liz was being serious.


I laughed to myself as I found a box of condoms right where Liz said they’d be behind the dental floss.


“Oi snoopy, get out of the cupboard.”


“I’m standing in front of a mirror how did I not see you coming?” I mused.


“You were too busy being nosy and looking for non-existent condoms,” Michael said coming to stand beside me.


“Believe it or not but there is a box of them in there,” I said gesturing to the cupboard.


“Seriously?” He asked not believing.


“Seriously,” I opened the cupboard back up and showed him.


“Well I don’t mind if I do,” he said with a cheeky grin, grabbing as many packets as he could stuffing them in the pockets of his jeans.


“Got enough there?” I asked raising an eyebrow.


“You never know,” he replied seriously.


“Okay then,” I giggled closing the cupboard door.


I turned to leave when Michael caught my arm and turned me back around.


“You’re still wearing my jacket.”


“I know. You said you’re gonna show up at my house tomorrow so you can have it back then,” I grinned, sauntering out of the bathroom.


“You and Michael have a quickie in the bathroom?” Calum asked raising an eyebrow.


“No, I was seeing if Liz was lying,” I replied sitting on the couch next to Luke.


“She wasn’t,” Michael said sitting beside me tossing a condom from one of his pockets onto the coffee table. “There’s a whole box full of them in there.”


“Luke, I think your mum’s a sex addict or something. Like seriously, who needs that many condoms?” I asked, subtly nudging Michael.


Luke picked up the condom and shuddered before tossing it to Calum.


“Use it when Dani gets here. You obviously want to get in her pants,” Luke whispered a bit too loudly.


“Speaking of Dani, what happened?” I asked noting the closed laptop.


“She had to go shopping for some stuff. She told me to say bye and she’d call you before she boards the plane and when the plane lands on Wednesday,” Calum replied sitting beside me on the arm of the chair.


“Oh cool, hey Cal what’s with that weird expression on your face?” I asked pinching on of his cheeks.


“What weird expression?” Calum mumbled knocking my hand away and rubbing where I pinched.


“The one you made when I asked you about Dani,” I smirked.


“I- what? No,” he stuttered.


I have no restraint when it comes to updating xD and I have massive Michael feels and I just want to cry like idek.

- Kat

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