For Danica's 18th Birthday her parents brought her a ticket to Australia so she could spend it with her best friend, Katelin. Little did she know Katelin had just moved in across the street from the one and only Luke Hemmings. Slight mature content.


9. Lay It On Me.

“Back to the game I think,” Luke said.


“Good idea,” Ashton agreed. “Kat, it’s your turn to ask.”


“Okay, Umm… Luke, Truth or Dare?”


“Dare,” he replied boldly.


“That’s brave of you,” I snickered.


“Oh really?” Luke asked sounding slightly nervous.


“Really, I dare you to do a body shot off Uncle Greg.” I watched Dani’s face turn to confusion, Luke’s to disgust and horror and Ashton, Michael and Calum just sat there pissing themselves laughing.


“H-he won’t do be up for that, Greg I mean,” Luke stammered.


“So what Luke? Are you going to forfeit?” I smirked.


“I’m not doing a body shot off of my Uncle. So I guess yeah, I am forfeiting,” Luke frowned.


“Ugh now I have to think of a punishment, somebody help me,” I whined placing my head in my hands.


I heard whispers from behind me and Calum’s legs were gone and soon replaced by another pair in skinny jeans and pair of laced up leather boots on either side of my legs.


“I’ll help you,” Michael whispered in my ear, his breath on my neck making me shiver. “Come sit with me?”


“Move over then,” I smiled, I saw Dani wink at me as I stood up stretching my legs.


“Ash move you fat ass,” Michael commanded, Ashton frowning and moving to sit on the floor where I was previously.


I sat down beside Michael leaving a gap in between us.


“Why are you sitting so far away?” Michael asked pouting. “You can’t whisper from all the way over there.”


Michael’s right Katelin. Luke will be able to hear you.” Dani chimed in as I shuffled a little closer to Michael.


“Better?” I asked.


“Nope,” Michael answered, his arm going around my waist, pulling me so close I might as well have been sitting on his lap. “Now it is, but if you wanted to get even closer I suppose you could sit on my lap.”


“I think I’m fine where I am,” I blushed. “What do you have in mind for Luke’s punishment?”


He leaned in closer, his arm still around my waist as he started to whisper in my ear. “I think that Luke should go outside in his underwear and ask his mum where she keeps the condoms. Your mum and his mum want you to date and normally when people date there is some sex involved.”


“I think it’s perfect,” I managed to say through a fit of laughter.


“Oh god,” Luke muttered looking terrified on the floor.


“You ready for this Lukey boy?” I asked smirking.


“No but lay it on me,” he sighed.


“Your punishment for forfeiting the dare is to go outside in your underwear and ask your mum where she keeps the condoms.”


I'm updating all willy-nilly  because I couldn't give a fuck but oh well. I need updating days.

- Kat

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