For Danica's 18th Birthday her parents brought her a ticket to Australia so she could spend it with her best friend, Katelin. Little did she know Katelin had just moved in across the street from the one and only Luke Hemmings. Slight mature content.


17. His Name Is Immigration

“Mum! I’m home and I found a British fugitive on the street so I brought her home!” I called as Dani and I struggled through the front door with her countless amount of luggage.


 “Jeez, thanks Kat,” she muttered sarcastically.


“Anytime and besides, mums at work,” I winked dragging the suitcases to the spare room which was now going to be Dani’s.


“Ugh, why am I friends with you?” she asked as we dumped the bags in her room and made our way back out to the car to get more.


“Because you needed me to get to Calum duh, Jesus Dani how long are you staying for?” I groaned seeing another 3 big suitcases in the boot.


“I’m here for 3 months you goof.”


“Did you need all this?” I asked pulling the suitcases out of the car before closing it. “We do have a washing machine.”


“I know. I like being prepared,” she countered dragging the last suitcase through the door.


“Well you can go prepare your room while I wait for Michael to get here, we’re having a Star Wars marathon,” I grinned plopping down on the couch.



15 minutes later Michael burst through my front door.


“Come in,” I said sarcastically as they came and sat with me on the couch.


“Don’t mind if I do,” Michael laughed.


“You’re an idiot,” I sighed.


Halfway through A New Hope Calum walked through the door looking flushed and nervous.


“I have a doorbell,” I groaned as Calum sat on the other side of me.


“I don’t see the point since your door’s always unlocked,” Calum replied. “Is Dani here?”


“Yeah she’s in her room,” I replied.


“Cal’s nervous,” Michael teased.


“Shut up,” Calum mumbled.


“Aw what are you gonna do? Hug her? Be as awkward as Luke?” I asked.


“I was planning on kissing her,” Calum replied blushing.


“Dani! There’s a guy at the door for you, he says his name is immigration. He wants to take a swab of your mouth,” I yelled. “Swab your mouth with his tongue and his name is Calum,” I mumbled under my breath making Calum blush and Michael laugh.


“I’ll be out in a sec!” Dani called back.


I heard her close the door and walk down the hallway.



Calum’s POV

I heard Dani walk down the hall; I watched her walk into the room catching my eye, blushing before giving Kat a death glare.


Before anyone could say anything I was across the room, cradling Dani’s face in my hands, my lips pressed softly against hers.


“Hi,” I murmured when we broke apart.


“Hi,” she giggled.


“Oi, if you’re gonna have sex take it to Calum’s house!” Kat yelled from the couch as Dani led me down the hallway.


“No promises,” Dani sang, pulling me into her room, closing the door.


“Guess what?” I asked grinning cheekily.


“What?” Dani replied wrapping her arms around my neck.


“My house is clean, and I’ve booked a place at a restaurant so we can… you know, go and eat,” I replied blushing, my arms going around her waist.



Dani’s POV

“Is this like a date Calum?” I giggled as he blushed.


“Well yeah, I told you this on Skype Monday night… after you know,” he winked.


“You just want to get laid,” I snickered stretching up on my toes to kiss him.


“I’ve known you for barely three days and you already know me so well,” he laughed looking at his watch. “Its 5:30, we could go now.”


“Sounds fun, what are we doing after dinner?” I asked poking his cheek.


“Remember our Skype sex?”


“Mmm,” I sighed, smiling.


“I want you to ride me Dani,” Calum whispered seductively in my ear.


“What’s for dinner?” I grinned grabbing my phone and purse.


So I realised there's not much drama so yeah, I'm gonna work on that and stir up a shitstorm yey :)

- Kat

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