For Danica's 18th Birthday her parents brought her a ticket to Australia so she could spend it with her best friend, Katelin. Little did she know Katelin had just moved in across the street from the one and only Luke Hemmings. Slight mature content.


14. Does It Involve Sex?

He flipped us over and pulled his phone from his back pocket unlocking it handing it to me with a couple of condoms and my phone.


“Keep em in your draws or your purse because you never know when I’ll come over,” he winked.


I giggled typing in my number.


“Take a selfie with me?” I asked. “Something sexy for my caller ID.”


“Pass me the phone,” he said giving me a cheeky smile.


“Ok…” I said handing it over and instead of taking a picture he was smiling like an idiot.


“Wanna see?” he asked.


“You didn’t take a picture,” I stated confused.


“I did last night,” he grinned making me blush.


“What?! When?!” I asked alarmed.


“After you fell asleep, I had to take a picture, you were so adorable and cute,” he cooed.


“Show me!” I whined, terrified of what the picture looked like.


“Stop worrying,” he said reassuringly passing me his phone.


I couldn’t help but ‘aw’ at the photo. It was the type of photo a couple would take. I was asleep; my head was on his chest, his arms wrapped around me protectively and his lips pressed to the top of my head.


I felt myself blush, handing Michael back his phone.


“Told you there was nothing to worry about,” he smiled, kissing my nose.


“That was cute,” I replied poking his cheek.


“Mmm,” he mumbled, kissing my neck.


“Noooo,” I hissed pushing him off me.


“Why?” he complained.


“Because you said you wanted a hug, your jacket and my number,” I replied climbing off the bed and walking over to my cupboard looking for some clothes to wear.


“Want some help?” Michael asked coming up and standing behind me, his hands around my waist, chin resting on my shoulder.


“What do I wear today?” I mused.


“Nothing,” Michael replied bluntly.


“You’re no help,” I groaned pushing him away and grabbing a bra, random shirt and a pair of shorts.


I pulled the shorts on and slipped my bra on under the shirt I was wearing.


“Give me a hand?” I asked holding my hands above my head batting my eyelashes.


“You’re giving me mixed signals here babe. One minute you’re telling me no and the next you’re telling me to take your clothes off,” he snickered pulling my shirt over my head and throwing it on the bed.


“I didn’t mean to shoot you down. It’s just that my mum’s home, she really doesn’t like you and I wouldn’t trust my vocal cords if we were to have sex again now because I’d wake her up screaming your name,” I explained winking, slipping the clean shirt on.


“It’s fine. I get it. I wouldn’t trust your vocal cords either,” he winked. “What are we doing today?”


“I was going to ask you the same thing, damn,” I muttered sitting down on my bed.


“I have an idea and I think you’ll like it,” he grinned.


“Does it involve sex?” I sighed.


“Nope,” he replied smirking. “Come on.”


Does it involve sex? I don't know... ;) What I do know is that I have issues and a lot of them xD

- Kat

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