For Danica's 18th Birthday her parents brought her a ticket to Australia so she could spend it with her best friend, Katelin. Little did she know Katelin had just moved in across the street from the one and only Luke Hemmings. Slight mature content.


20. Candles.

Dani’s POV

When Katelin and I got back from getting our lips pierced, Michael and Calum were sitting on the porch stairs, Calum on his phone, Michael half asleep leaning against the railing.


“What are you doing?” I called walking up the driveway, Calum’s head snapping up from his phone, his eyes landing on me and a large grin forming.


“Waiting for you,” he smiled standing up and jogging over to me picking me up in his arms and spinning us in a circle.


“Aw, you’re a cutie,” I laughed pecking him on the lips once he put me down.


“Oh hullo, what’s this?” he asked taking my lip piercing between his teeth kissing me again.


“What does it look like?”


“It looks like something else for me to play with,” he whispered in my ear cheekily.


I shoved my hands against his chest playfully and walked up the stairs past Michael and Kat who were having a make-out session and into the house. I could feel Calum following me as I made my way to my room.


I heard the door close and not long after a pair of tan arms were around my waist.


“So, it’s your birthday tomorrow.”


“Nice observation,” I laughed.


“What should I get you?” he asked pouting.


“You’re all I need.”


“Dani, really, I want your eighteenth to be special.”


“Calum, it will be special,” I smiled pecking him on the lips. “I’ve got you. Consider yourself my early birthday present.”


“Fine,” he grumbled, hugging me tightly against his chest.



Kat’s POV

“That’s cute,” Michael grinned as I sat next to him.


“Thanks,” I giggled as he playfully flicked the piercing with his finger.


“It makes you look even more… kissable,” he chuckled attaching his lips to mine eagerly. He pulled me onto his lap our lips never parting.


Before things could get any more heated Luke comes sprinting across the street screaming Michael’s name.


“What?” Michael asked annoyed.


“We-We’re going on tour again,” Luke breathed holding a stitch in his side.


“What!?” Michael exclaimed enthusiastically his eyes widening in excitedly.


“In two weeks we’re doing shows all over Oz and NZ.”


Michael was about to reply when Ashton’s car pulled into my driveway, his head out the window screaming lyrics to She Looks So Perfect.


“We’re going on tour baby!” Ashton shouted throwing his hands in the air.


“Seriously?” Calum asked from behind me, him and Dani standing in the doorway.


“Seriously, Adam just called and we’ll be gone a month,” Luke replied.


“A month?” I heard Dani whisper to Calum.



Dani’s POV

“A month?” I whispered to Calum.


Calum just looked at me sympathetically, kissing my forehead.


I’m not sure he realised that when he got back I’d only be in Australia another month before I had to go back to the UK. I silently went back inside and found my iPod, stuffing my headphones in my ears and blasting my music ignoring the commotion outside. I fell back on my bed and closed my eyes, tears streaming down my cheeks.


I felt the bed dip down; I opened my eyes slowly wiping away the tears with the back of my hand.


“Hi,” I murmured pulling out one of the headphones.


“I’ll be back before you know it,” he smiled weakly.


“That’s not what I’m sad about; when you come back I’ll only have a month left before I have to go back to the UK,” I sighed.


“Can’t you stay for a little longer?” he asked lying down beside me, his arm going around my shoulders.


“I can’t, before I left I got accepted into Leicester College of Performing Arts and I’ve obviously got to go back.”


He sighed, taking the earphone that wasn’t in my ear and putting it in his own.


“Why don’t you transfer here? I’m sure there are plenty of performing arts schools here in Sydney.”


“Calum you flipping genius!” I exclaimed kissing his cheek.


“That’s all I get for being a genius?” he pouted.


“You’re not doing anything tonight are you?” I asked.


“What did you have in mind?”


“You, me, some candles maybe a bath,” I replied. “I haven’t had a bath in ages; probably because showers are so much more efficient.”


In one swift move Calum was up, and walking out the door and I just lay there in shock.


“I’ll pick you up at six,” he winked while I laughed as Kat poked her head in the door.


“Where did Cal go in such a hurry?” Kat asked leaning against the door-frame.


“I think he went to buy some candles,” I laughed.


“I’m not going to ask,” Kat replied rolling her eyes in amusement.


I really need to update this more but I get distracted easy writing random one shots that probably won't get published. Oooops.

- Kat xoxox

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