For Danica's 18th Birthday her parents brought her a ticket to Australia so she could spend it with her best friend, Katelin. Little did she know Katelin had just moved in across the street from the one and only Luke Hemmings. Slight mature content.


10. Behind The Dental Floss.

“Fine,” he sighed, taking off his shirt, shoes and pants.


Beanie as well babe and mess up your hair a little,” Dani said giggling just as much as the rest of us.


“Oh, and to make them think you want the condoms because ‘we’re dating’,” I said sarcastically, “I’ll take my top off and tie it around your head.”


“What?” Luke asked blushing.


“It’ll be kinky and it’ll get our mothers off our backs for a while… hopefully,” I said taking off my top and tying it around Luke’s head like a bandana not caring that I was in a room full of teenage boys. I had a bra on, YOLO right?


“Someone gets horny when they’re drunk,” Ashton laughed as I made Luke’s hair even messier.


“I see what you mean about your other tattoos,” he smirked. “And Ash I’ve barely had any alcohol, I need more if anything especially after what I’m about to do,” Luke whined.


Yes she has boobs Michael, but you don’t need to stare,” Dani giggled.


I turned to see Michael’s head quickly turn in the opposite direction, his cheeks reddening.


“Give her your jacket you goof,” Calum said hitting Michael on the back of his head.


“But I’m looking at her tattoos,” Michael whined, rubbing the back of his head where Calum hit.


I’m sure she’ll let you look at them later and besides there’s one more that you can’t see. Maybe she’ll show you later,” Dani said throwing a wink at Michael.


“Just give her your jacket so we can go watch Luke embarrass himself,” Ashton complained.


Michael shrugged his arms out of his jacket and held it out for me. I slid my arms through the sleeves as Michael held it for me like a gentleman, his fingers brushing over the tattoo on my ribs a couple of times causing me to shiver involuntarily. Once the jacket was on, his hands travelled to the zip and zipped the jacket up before I could.


“You look even better now. Sexy and punk,” Michael whispered.


“Thanks,” I blushed unplugging the charger from the laptop and carrying it over to the kitchen window so Dani could watch as well.


“Kat you can’t be seen, so like duck down or something,” Ashton said while I took his advice and crouched down on the floor.


Ashton’s POV

“Film it so I can watch it later,” Katelin whispered from the kitchen floor. We were all surrounding the kitchen window and the laptop was placed on the window ledge so Dani could see.


You ready Luke?” Dani asked.


“No but here goes,” he muttered walking out the door and making his way over to his mum who was sitting in the middle of a large table surrounded by at least thirty people. I had my phone out and pressed record as soon as Luke stepped out the door.


Ugh. Why does he have to have better legs than I do?” Dani asked earning a quiet giggle from Katelin.


I focused back on Luke who was getting weird stares from the people sitting at the table. He got to Liz and his face was bright red.


“Luke, what are you doing?” Liz asked, trying to hide her annoyance.


“Uh… well I was wondering where you… where you kept the condoms…”


Liz’s face turned from confusion, to shock, and a shade of red to rival Luke’s.


“Luke! Hurry up!” Katelin shouted from the kitchen floor. Calum nearly lost it running out of the room before he burst out laughing.


“In the cupboard above the sink in the bathroom, behind the dental floss,” Liz replied tensely.


“Thanks mum,” Luke replied smiling with a bit of confidence kissing her on the cheek before running back into the house.


I stopped the recording and passed my phone to Katelin who was still sitting on the floor.


I'm so good at this updating thing. Bow down to my awesomeness peasants.

xoxo Gossip Llama

- Kat

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