This is my first story for images exited lol so all i need is : hair, boy, eyes, plot, like if they are getting married, dating, they kiss and all that mushy stuff girls like ha ha ( I am saying this and I am a girl to lol) so hope ya enjoy and I will try update as soon as I can ;) stay sassy ( like Louis )
Ha get it instead of stay classy sty sassy ha weird ps don't get ya panties in a twist if I spell something wrong like your name or something :)


4. Poppy and Liam

 Setting: laser tag


" ok the awesome team is lou, zayn and I, the other team is Harry, Liam and niall" poppy said softly smiling, why is she against me I thought

"Go to your sides you have 20 seconds to get ready" shouts the owner of the pplace we ran to our sides and made a plan I hide, Harry walks around and Niall is the sniper.


we made a plan Zayn was in charge and he new a secret second floor he told me to hide there while Lou and him walk around, so I ran to the second floor and hid, I saw Harry walk past so I shot him he looked around those where it came from then walked off grumbling some bad words


so far I had shot Harry twelve times Niall five and my Liam baby once.

" Harry I am going to walk around take my place" I heard Liam say as he started walking towards me I saw zayn come up where I was 

" there is only a minute left in the game harry and niall are out of the game so I need you to get Liam's attention and dangle off of here and when he catches you we will shoot him and get him out" he whispered

i nodded and did what I was told to do while they hid

" help Liam!!!" I screamed as realistic as I could,he ran over to me

" let go I will catch you!" He said as calmly as he could, I let go and dropped 

" got ya" he said as he caught me in his arms, I kissed him and gave the boys a thumbs up I kept on kissing him until he was out.


 they tricked me I thought, as they high fived each other and laughed then poppy came over again and kissed me I smiled into the kiss

" oh get a room you two" zayn and Lou said at the same time poppy and I started laughing at them

" ok come around" the owner said ( his name shall be Steve)

" so the winning team is..... The awesome team!" Steve applauded them and gave them there prize ( a gift basket )

" and the winner for the individual is...... Poppy, for not getting hit once and getting the most shots" we clapped for her she went up to get her prize ( certificate, vouchers ect) 

" congrats poppy " I said then kissed her.



hope you liked it poppy :) I will try to update weekly



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