This is my first story for images exited lol so all i need is : hair, boy, eyes, plot, like if they are getting married, dating, they kiss and all that mushy stuff girls like ha ha ( I am saying this and I am a girl to lol) so hope ya enjoy and I will try update as soon as I can ;) stay sassy ( like Louis )
Ha get it instead of stay classy sty sassy ha weird ps don't get ya panties in a twist if I spell something wrong like your name or something :)


2. Louis and Jennifer

Setting: at a fair on a sunny day


" Hey Lou!" Shouted as he ran over to me,

" girrl, where were you? " he asked sassily and smiling 

" I have been standing here the whole time while you ran of to get candy" I laughed 

" ok well lets have our picnic, I hungy" he pleaded loudly

" sure" i replied then we skipped to the picnic, well he skipped. 

I laughed at his childishness he smiled

SKIP PICNIC ( like the eating and stuff)


we had just finished eating so we sat and talked

" you know what Louis?" Jennifer asked

" what" I replied

" you are my best friend!" She giggled

Damn friend zoned i thought hoping we could be more then best friends

" lets go on the rides" I said a little bit sad































































" ok lets go!" 

We went on all the rides except the fairis wheel we are saving that for last because of the fireworks.


"the fireworks will be starting soon so lets be first in line!" I said and pulled Louis over and we



ended up being first in line

" you tickets please " the grumpy old man asked

" here you go " Louis replied and handed the man the two tickets.

we got on the ride then when every seat was full it started to go the fireworks started

" they are so beautiful" I smiled

" yeah they are" Louis smiled back 

" woah " I said as the ride stopped

" good thing we are at the top" Louis said happily



when the ride had stopped it was my chance to make my move

" um Jennifer can I tell you a secret" I said smiling

" sure " she replied and leaned to hear it

i went to her ear turned her head and kissed her


i leaned into hear his secret and he did something i liked, he turned my head and kissed me,

sparks when flying I knew it was a mistake when I said he is my best friend.

" Jennifer" he whispered

" yes" I replied looking at him

" will you be my girlfriend" he asked

" yes of course!" I shouted the whole fair could probably hear it but I don't care

he kissed me again I felt him smile into the kiss



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