The Flame

dark (därk)
adj - dark•er, dark•est.


1. the absence of light
2. lacking brightness
3. sullen or threatening
4. concealed or secret; mysterious
5. harry edward styles


1. - Introduction -


He was darker than anyone ever imagined.
There wasn’t a single light about him, but there was a flame.
He was a hazard, a danger, an unknown that intrigued me.
His passion defied and defined the darkness he was enveloped it.
I fell for the flame, I fell for the darkness.
Little did I know, I was the spark that began the unstoppable inferno, and after that there was no turning back.

She was so pure.
There was something about her level of perfection I couldn’t quite grasp.
I was mesmerized by everything she was.
Everyone else walked in my shadows, but her light, it blinded me.
She became my drug, a lifeline of continuous torcher, and without it I was nothing.
She ruined me as much as I ruined her and we were okay with that.
But what I didn't realise is that by using her love, I was consuming her into my darkness and before I could stop myself I was already burning us all.


*Please be aware this story is going to be as realistic as possible, so it will not be rushed. There will also be strong drug use and detailed sex scenes further on in this story*

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