The Flame

dark (därk)
adj - dark•er, dark•est.


1. the absence of light
2. lacking brightness
3. sullen or threatening
4. concealed or secret; mysterious
5. harry edward styles





I never quite realised the extent of it all. I never realised how much he really needed me, not until I was faced with it, not until I felt exactly the same way but it was all too late. We were beyond happy and in that moment I thought it could be like this forever, but we all have weaknesses and his was loving me, and it was killing him.

Stella’s P.O.V

“Okay I don’t know what I’m more pissed off about, the fact I made you go, or that you gave him another chance.” Kayla says as she scrolls through her phone, “Especially since he showed up an hour late, invited his friends there for you to only find out he has a girlfriend at college.”

I sigh and when she says it all like that it makes it does make seem a lot worse than what I thought.

“They broke up.” I say in defence to myself rather than him.

“How can you be sure?” She asks raising an eyebrow after sitting up in my bed.

“I can’t.” I say simply.

“So what did he say in the text?” She asks as she grabs my phone. I walk over and snatch it out of her hand and giving her a scowl.

“It said, Hey” I pause as I change his use of ‘hey sexy’ to Hey Stella. “Hey Stella, its Harry. Do you and Kayla want to come to a party tonight? x”

“He sent an x, wow” She says rolling her eyes.

“Maybe it’s a habit?” I ask realising that’s probably not the best thing.

She rolls her eyes and returns to her phone.

 “So do you want to go?”

“I’ve tried to get you to come to the same party heaps but you refuse,” She scowls at me “But we’ll go.” “Oh and you can’t wear jeans.”

 I sigh search my draws for something, anything, I can feel Kayla’s eyes on me smirking at my lack of clothes other than jeans and sweaters.

“I need something to wear.” I admit in defeat, she laughs and I turn to see her already up and ready, this better be at least slightly worth it.



We arrive at the party, the same party I picked Kayla up at last week, but this time I’m wearing the tightest thing I’ve ever worn in my life, I seriously can’t pull this off. It’s all black, the top cut low, however it does show off my curves and my big bust in a restricted slutty way.

“So where is he?” Kayla asks and I simply shrug.

Everything is the same as last time, literally nothing has changed. Even the people look the same, dressed the same, sound the same and I can’t help feeling this would be so boring to throw one of these most Friday and or Saturday nights.

“We can check the kitchen.” She says, obviously knowing more about it all then I do, I follow her through the crowd of sweating sex crazed teens.

I see Harry, almost instantly and for some reason it was as if despite all the people in the room he was the only one, dressed in all black, skinny jeans and a t-shirt. I can’t help but think I don’t belong in his world not that because I’m at a party with him I’m a part of it, but the parties, the drinking, most likely the drugs, this isn’t me. But somehow I want to see him before I decide whether or not he’s much a part of it all as I think, I just hope he surprises me.

“Damn Stella.” I hear Zayn whisper in my ear, “You look very-”

“Beautiful, she looks beautiful.” Harry cuts in passing me a cup ignoring Zayn completely as he gives Harry a confused look; I smile up at him as he sips his drink.

 “Hey Stella.” Niall says with a friendly smile.

“Hi Niall!” I say back as Harry wraps his arm around my waist, surprised, I try to act like I’m not weirdly excited?

“Sorry we ah, ruined your date last night.” He says gritting his teeth to the side.

“Oh no it’s fine, it wasn’t a date anyway.” I smirk up at Harry who rolls his eyes and tenses slightly.

“Harry we’re playing suck n’ blow.” Zayn yells and Harry leads us toward a living room area.

There are about 5 girls already in the centre in a circle, one of them Kayla and I roll my eyes.

“You don’t have to play if you don’t want to.” Harry says pulling me slightly closer.

Louis goes and sits between Kayla and someone else, Niall, Liam and Zayn all join in. I few girls are added and same with a few guys until it’s a perfect circle of boy, girl, boy, girl.

“Is this that stupid paper game?” I ask and Harry nods smirking, yet unfazed.

“I’m surprised you actually know what it is.” Harry laughs and I look up to him.

Before I answer Zayn and someone else is chanting my name and look at him confused, he waves his arm over and before I can register a girl is tugging me along laughing. She plops me down next to Zayn and someone else I don’t’ know, who is quickly replaced by a clearly annoyed Harry.

“It’s just a game.” I say but he ignores it and I roll my eyes, “Get over it.” I scold, feeling immediately angry at him for some reason.

“Just shut-.” He begins but looks away. I ignore him and sit cross legged on the floor and watch as the paper is passed by everyone’s mouth, that’s literally the game. To pass a slip of paper around by your mouth and if you drop it you have to kiss the person and take a shot.

I look over at the girl who is next to Harry and I suddenly hope he doesn’t have to kiss her. I look around and see Kayla passing it Louis, but he drops it and nearly leaps on her. They both down a shot and it’s passed again.

A few of Harrys fingers intertwine with mine as he watches a girl pass it to Zayn. Shit. Shit. Shit. He passes it to me and a truck of relief hits me as it doesn’t fall. I pass it to Harry but he drops it and a smirk rises on his face, which slightly fades as he looks around the circle.

Everyone is staring at us in anticipation but instead Harry stands up, pulling me up as our hands fully intertwine. Everyone yells as he drags me away and up the flight of stairs in what looks to be the dining area.

Before I can register, he’s pushing me up against the wall, “I don’t want them to see this.” He kind of shrugs but leans in quickly but stops abruptly as his lips lightly brush mine, I suck in a large breath of air as his lips finally meet mine.

His scent lingers in the air, mint and smoke, its intoxicating almost. His lips are warm and taste like beer, and the tingling cold from his lip piercing gives me goose bumps. I run my hands through his hair in a desperate act to pull him close. He tugs on my bottom lip begging for entrance he smirks into the kiss as he grabs my hips pulling me against him and I gasp, which gives him the advantage to slide his tongue into my mouth, moaning in relief, he then smirks into the kiss but then suddenly pulls away.

I sigh, and lean back into the wall trying to regain my breath.

“Fuck.” Is all he says with a certain amount of anger in his voice as he backs away looking down, he runs his hands down his face before he looks up at me. “Fuck.” He repeats, shaking his head as I stand confused, but suddenly get the feeling I’ve done something completely wrong.



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