The Flame

dark (därk)
adj - dark•er, dark•est.


1. the absence of light
2. lacking brightness
3. sullen or threatening
4. concealed or secret; mysterious
5. harry edward styles




He was sort of like the devil, but only I saw an angel, a beautiful angel. He would have completely destroyed what little was left if I didn’t leave when I did, but I always went back, always. I had to fight it, but I didn’t want to so I realised if in the end he did completely destroy me I wouldn’t change a thing about it, simply because I loved him more than myself.

Stella’s P.O.V

I groan loudly into my pillow as my Friday morning alarm goes off, thank god it’s the last day of this week of hell, I quickly switch off the annoying sound and try to make an effort to get up. I finally use all of my remaining energy to physically pick myself up from out of bed and walk into the bathroom.

I immediately run the shower water, undress and step into the warm water. The water starts to relax my muscles and I don’t want to get out, but again I force myself to turn off the taps and wrap a white towel around me.

I walk back into my room and grab a pair of undies an a bra, I sigh as I search though my draws for something decent to wear, instead I decide to just put my tightest jeans on, which, mind you only just fit after the workout I get trying to squeeze them on. I grab my maroon knitted sweater and slide it on and grab my trusty white chucks and slip them on.

I walk back into my bathroom and turn on the straightener; while I wait for it to heat I brush my extremely knotted mass of brown curls and put some foundation on, along with my bronzer, mascara and usual thin line of eyeliner on my eye lid. I nod at my half decent looking self and finish off my signature do by running the straightener through my hair.

I check the time and cuss under my breath as I run to shove some books and my phone into my bag, I run downstairs to see mum in the kitchen.

“Eat this.” She yells throwing me an apple; I smile and kiss her on the cheek.

“Love you!” I yell as I run out the door.

I fumble my keys into the ignition and roar my Suzuki Swift to life. I quickly check my phone and dial Kayla’s number but she doesn’t answer, as usual. What’s the point in having a phone if you never bother to answer it anyway?

I pull up at her house and she bolts out carrying her bag over her shoulder.

“Save me, wait no; kill me. That would be so much better.” She sighs slamming the door.

“You have no idea how much pleasure I would have in doing that.” I laugh and she slaps my arm.

“Thank god its Friday, your date with the bad-boy tonight.”

“Shit” I cuss under my breath completely forgetting about it.

“Oh don’t act like you forgot, you’ve been waiting all week.” I roll my eyes, because I haven’t actually.

“I don’t think I should go…” I say sighing.

“No, you have to; it’s too good I mean he’s pretty cute.”  I look at her confused.

“Well if you like him so much, by all means take my place.” She rolls her eyes.

“Look you’re going, okay?” She insists as we pull up into school.

The day goes by quicker than I thought it would, maybe because me and Kayla skipped most of our classes and left early.

We arrive back at my place because Kayla’s mum would go crazy if she knew we left early.

“Hey girls.” My mum says as we enter the air conditioned room.

“Mum I have a date tonight.” I groan as I slump myself into the couch, “Well at least I think it’s a date.”

“What, with Drew?” she asked shocked as she flips through the TV channels; Kayla scoffs and sits next to me.

“No actually.” She buts in and I scowl at her, my mum laughs herself and I sigh, knowing the odds are already against me.


“I look fine Kayla.” I say irritated, as she picks at my choice of outfit. Which are my jeans from today and a black frilled singlet, I grab a white cardigan and fix my makeup slightly.

“Okay well I guess you’re staying here?” I ask and she laughs.

“Yeah well your mum is cooler than the rest of our friends, so yeah.” I roll my eyes and she wishes me luck as I run down stairs, I avoid mum as I slip through the front door and head to my car.

He said to meet him at 6:30pm and its already 20 past, I groan and drive to ‘Dannys’ but I’m glad the day has gone quick so I can get on with my unproductive weekend. The car lot is empty aside from a few cars which couldn’t be his, “Typical.” I mutter and park the car. I walk in as the annoying bell at the top tinkles.

I sit in the same booth we always sit at and shrug my cardigan off and wait, and wait, and wait. After officially waiting the most embarrassing hour of my life, I decide against staying any longer and fulfilling anymore of his pleasure in imaging this exact scenario.

As I walk out clearly annoyed, I wave at a confused Debby and run into the man himself.

“Oh hey, your early.” He says with a smirk but awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.

“Nice try.” I laugh and walk past him toward my car.

“Okay, maybe I was late.” He says following me, I unlock my car and open the car door before he leans on the window shutting it. “I didn’t think you’d come.”

“You still owe me and… I’m sorry.” He sighs at the last bit as if it was hard for him.

“Wounded ego?” I ask as he leans closer.

“More so if you leave.” A smirk playing on his lips as he says it.

“That’s temping.”  I say but he grabs my hand and drags me along before I can do anything.

We arrive back into the booth and Debby takes our order, “2 Burgers and fries please and 2 beers.” Harry says and I widen my eyes at Debby.

“Just a coke for me.” I correct him as he smirks at me, she nods and walks away.

“I don’t drink.” I clarify as he stares at me confused, or nearly annoyed?

“Of course you don’t.” He shakes his head as he leans back.

“Looks like you came on a date with the wrong kind of girl.” I say crossing my arms, and nodding as Debby brings out our drinks.

“This is not a date.” he scoffs taking a sip of his beer, “You just owe me a burger.” He shrugs and I look towards the door to see his friends coming.

“Obviously.” I say annoyed, knowing he invited them to our ‘Hang out session’.

Harry looks back and gets out of the booth and I half expect him to just leave but he surprisingly slides next to me and Zayn scowls at him. “Okay I didn’t tell them to come here.” He says in my ear just as he did last week.

As I look back towards the entrance, I feel as though I’ve just been hit by a bus, all the air completely sucked out of my lungs and to think this night couldn’t get any worse.


Drew walks in with Stacey, my Drew, well he was my Drew. Harry see’s my alert and looks over, as do the rest of the boys as the two slip into a booth.

“Don’t tell me that’s like your boyfriend or something.” Zayn scoffs from across the booth.

I shake my head, “My, ah ex.” I take a sip of my drink and Harry puts his arm over my shoulder, I look at him and he smirks.

“Oh well Harry I’m sure Louise will love her.”  Zayn smirks and everyone turns to look at him as to say ‘shut up’. Harry’s eyes grow dark toward Zayn and I don’t even have to see to know.

“Who’s Louise?” I ask casually sipping on my coke.

“His girlfriend.” Zayn says smirking.

I spit my drink back into my cup out of shock, “You have a girlfriend?” I ask, facing him.

“She’s in college; I mean well we’re sort of taking a break.” He stutters clearly caught off guard. “We’re broken up.”

“This is obviously not a date then.” I scoff.

“You’re taking her on a date?” Zayn asks shaking his head.

“Clearly.” Niall responds motioning towards us.

“I think I should just go.” I nod to myself and slip over Harry to get out of the booth, knowing he’d be smirking considering what I did last week, but I avoid is eye contact.

“Stella!” He yells, like he did last week and I suddenly remember Drew sitting just a few booths away, and I like the fact he notices, he looks over with slight caution but I continue walking away.

But I sigh as I leave and want to punch myself for being so stupid. Not because I came, just because I thought it was date, when in fact he has a girlfriend, who I’m weirdly and surprisingly feeling jealous of.

“Stella, look I’m sorry I didn’t know they were coming, me and Louise broke up well we weren’t even really dating, I promise, please, give me another chance to take you out.” He asks as we arrive back at my car.

“Why do you want to take me out so bad?” I ask confused and slightly annoyed.

 “Because I like you, I really like you.” He pauses and looks back up at me.

“It won’t be a date; I just owe you a burger.” I say with a smug smile.

He nods and smirks, leaning in, and for a second I think he’s going to kiss me but instead whispers in my ear. “In the meantime, I’ll think of a new strategy.” He pulls away brushing his lips against my jawline and I feel myself blush a ridiculously obvious colour of red.



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