The Flame

dark (därk)
adj - dark•er, dark•est.


1. the absence of light
2. lacking brightness
3. sullen or threatening
4. concealed or secret; mysterious
5. harry edward styles




When I first saw him I never imagined the kind of trouble I’d find myself in. I could never have pictured my life like this, loving someone who sucked every bit of life from me. Every second I spent loving him was a second I’d spent realising who he was. I just never imagined I’d lose myself trying to find him.

Stella’s P.O.V

As I walk into the crowded house party, I immediately feel like I don’t belong and everyone else feels it to. I try to look past the judgmental stares I’m getting as I walk through in skinny jeans and a baggy grey hoodie but I don’t care. I look around trying to see if there is any sight of Kayla, but I feel instantly stupid since finding someone in this big crowd is near impossible.

I dial her number but continue to get her voicemail; I groan and walk toward a set of stairs before Kayla’s sun bleached hair comes running toward me, ironic.

“Stella!” She yells wrapping her hands around my neck and collapsing into me laughing; in her left hand is a red cup full of liquid which is sloshing over the sides.

“You need to take her home.” I blond boy behind me warns; his face seems serious but friendly and I nod grabbing her by the arm.

“I don’t wanna go!” She yells hitting me lightly as I try to drag her through the crowd, pouting the whole time she tries to hide her drunken laugh from me in an attempt to be serious.

“Going so soon?” A dark haired boy asks as he and 2 others step before us, a smirk playing on his lips, he is attractive but not someone I’d be game enough to talk to, but I guess that goes for the others there too, or anyone at this party really.

I see Kayla shake her head and I groan, “Yes we’re leaving.” I say in irritation.

“Zayn.” The blond boy hisses as Zayn grabs my arm, I turn and shrug it off at his smirk and roll my eyes.

Kayla finally obliges and starts to walk out with me but again I’m tugged by the arm and I turn around even more irritated then before. “Here.” The dark haired boy says with an even more fabricated smirk then before, “I like the whole I don’t care but still look totally sexy look.” He again smirks eyeing my choice of clothing and hands me a slip of paper which I take until I realise it’s his number the name ‘Zayn’ quickly scribbled across it. I look to his left at an obviously pissed off boy with curly brown hair, as soon as he notices my gaze he gives me a harsh look and storms off.

I look back down at the number; roll my eyes and continue to drag Kayla to the front door. The cool air hits us and I feel as though I can breathe again.

We make my way down to my car which is parked on the side walk. We step in and I exhale, immediately winding the windows down.

“Thankyou.” Kayla says leaning her head onto the window.

I let out a small laugh and check my phone, its 1:30am. “Where to?” I ask and she groans.

“Food.” is all she says before rolling her head back on the seat, “And water, lots and lots of water.”

I sigh as we pull into ‘Dannys’, a 24 hour diner where we come almost every day to meet.

“I’m glad I didn’t go to the party.” I say stepping out of the car laughing at her wobbly drunken state.

“You could have got more numbers.” She teases as she pushes the door open, the little bell at the top tinkling. “I can’t believe you honestly.” She groans sitting on the opposite side of the booth.

“What?” I ask confused as Debby the old waitress comes to the table.

“The usual girls?” She asks with a smile and we nod, “Extra water.” I add and she laughs obviously catching on to Kayla’s current state.

“Everywhere you go, no matter what you wear or how you look guys want you.” She playfully scowls at me and I roll my eyes.

The food finally arrives which is chips and burgers and we dig in, I honestly appreciate coming here a lot more than before as I haven’t eaten much all day.

“Will your mum be mad?” she asks sipping on her water.

“She knows you to well” I say laughing, “So when I said, mum I have to go pick Kayla up from a party because she’s irresponsibly drunk she laughed.”

“You’re so lucky, your mum is cool, if I came home drunk my mum would chuck a spaz.” She laughs, but her face changes and she gets up and runs to the bathroom.

I look back toward the entrance and slump down lower in my chair as the boys from the party enter, but see me straight away. I groan and lift myself back up so I don’t look like a complete idiot.

“Hiding?” The blond one asks with a smile, “Niall.” He says reading my thoughts holding his hand out which I shake, “Zayn” the dark haired boy says with a smirk, “Louis” He nods from the back and slips into the booth across from me, “Hi I’m Liam” He walks up and shakes my hand with a friendly smile. I turn to the curly haired boy and it’s as if everyone is waiting for him to introduce, which he doesn’t, just takes the spot next to me, looks down at his lap then over to me.

“I’m Stella.” I say sipping my water ignoring how close he actually is to me.

“Where’s your friend?’ Niall ask raising an eyebrow.

“Oh she’s-” I begin to say but she interrupts me.

“See where ever you go!” She yells and sits next to an uncomfortable Louis.

 “Oh what never seen a girl before?” She asks looking at him annoyed. He laughs and takes one of her chips from her plate.

“I’m Harry.” He leans into my ear discretely, whispering. His warm breath gives me goose bumps.

“And you do this to all the girls? Right?” I ask laughing completely unfazed and everyone else seems to be uninterested in us and talking amongst them.

He gives me a confused look, “I mean I would have thought he’d be the mysterious one.” I shrug looking in Zayn’s direction.

“You’re insane.” He scoffs, looking away. I look over at him trying to hide my amusement.

“You’re kidding me.” I shake my head and take a few chips before he turns back to me.

I roll my eyes, “This is your thing right, act all mysterious then you make me feel special by whispering your name to me, making me feel like I’m the only one you want to talk to?”

His eyes widen in a little bit of shock but mostly anger or something but I can’t quite pin point it.

“Not so insane now am I? I’m sorry we didn’t get to the next stage in this endearing process of you getting into my pants.” I give him my best fake smile and sip on my water but know I sound even more insane.

A smirk grows on his lips and he looks over at me, “Well actually I wasn’t smart enough to come up with something like that, so thankyou, you’re a genius.” His hand rest on my thigh and I stare at it for a second before looking at him and scowling.

“Oh please” I roll my eyes.

“But in all honesty I wouldn’t go to all that trouble anyway, you are not my type.” He says and everyone seems to go silent at that point and my cheeks flush.

“Or she’s just way out of your league.” Kayla says and everyone laughs and I feel a weird sense of victory as he looks over at me.

“I doubt that.” He scoffs leaning back into the chair.

I look over at him shocked and I kind of want to slap him, “Well maybe not out of my league, but I’m certainly out of yours.” I give him a fake smile as my hand hovers over his crouch discretely as I move past him, I lean my hand down pressing hard against it as he lets out a small whimper into my ear and I climb out of the booth and luckily my act going un-noticed by everyone else.

“All the best with your conquests Harry.” I lean down to whisper into his ear, “And don’t worry it didn’t feel that small.”

I pull away and Debby the waitress walks over to us, “Oh Deb, Harry here is going to pay for our food.” I say and she nods.

Kayla climbs out of the booth after saying something to Louis and we start to giggle as we walk towards the exit, once we get into the car park the cool air fills our lungs again and for some reason tonight I’m appreciating the fresh air a lot more than usual.

“Stella!” I hear someone yell and I turn to see Harry, I roll my eyes and continue walking, holding up a stumbling Kayla, “Wait!” he yells again and this time, I stop and turn running into his body. And for a second all that’s clear is the inhaling and exhaling of our breaths and I slowly look up at him.

“You owe me a burger and fries.” He laughs between breaths, “And I think it’s only fair if you pay.” 

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