The Audition

Me and my four other best friends auditioned for the X-Factor as a girl band. What will happen if they meet the five boys that will change their lives forever? What will happen when the X-Factor is over? Will they forget each other, or will they fall in love? Read to find out.


2. chap:1

_-~flashback to three years ago~-_

Lexi's p. o. v.


We walked into the enormous arena they were holding the x- factor auditions in. We ran to the seating area. I saw this really cute boy about my age with blonde hair and i sat next to him. "Hey" i said to him and he looked up from his phone, "hey what's your name?" He asked me. He had the most amazing irish accent, while i only had my american one. I was from the U. S. A. but i moved to ireland to finish highschool. "Alexa, but you can call me Lexi" "mine's Niall, nice to meet you" he said. "These are my bandmates Lola, and Lilly." I said. "Nice to meet you girls.""you too" i replied, but then our band's name got called. We went on stage and sang, and we got through! I talked to Niall after his audition and he got through too. And we exchanged numbers.

_-~skip to bootcamp~-_

The band was doing great! Each week everyone loved us. Niall gave me s hug before he went on stage. He came off the stage and looked upset. He got eliminated! No! He was one of my best friends on the show! I tan over to embrace him in a hug. "Nialler you ok?" I asked him. "I guess so…" he said. Then he was asked to go on the stage. On the stage were four other guys. One with black hair and brown eyes, one with brown hair and blue eyes, one with curly hair and green eyes, and one with brown hair and brown eyes. "You boys have done an amazing job…" Simon started speaking, "you will be put into a band together." The five boys all started smiling and saying "thank yous" then ran off stage. I ran to Niall and gave him a hug.

_-~skip to final week~-_


Niall and his bandmates have done so great these past few weeks. me and my friends got kicked off of the show a while back, but we were still happy for Niall and his band. i soon learned that liam was the one with the brown hair and brown eyes, harry was the one with curly brown hair and green eyes, zayn was the one with dark hair and brown eyes, and louis had brown hair and blue eyes. we all became pretty close friends, and see each other still. i really hope they win the x factor, it would be so great for them. today was the day they found out who won. i was on my way to the place right now. as i got there i found my way through the crowd and found my seat. the host came out on the stage. finally he was starting the results. "and now the results....." he said into the microphone, "in third place is... One Direction!" he said. i stood up and clapped loudly, as did lola, lilly and everyone else. i was so happy for them. i watched the rest of the show then niall came out. "Niall!" I went up and hugged him. "Hey Lexi." What's wrong?" I ask him. "I wont be able to see the boys, or you very much anymore." He said, sadly. "Im sad too niall, but we will be fine, ok?" Then, my two friends Lola and Lilly came running over to me. "Alexa!!!" They shouted at the same time. "What?!" I shouted back at them. "Hi" lilly said. I facepalm myself. "Actually we were coming to tell you it's time to leave" Lola said, shooting a glare at lilly. I gave niall one last hug before mumbling 'goodbye' to him. I was really going to miss him.


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