summer camp

Perrie, hailey, jade and jesy are in a girl group called Little Mix, they are going to a summer camp this summer, camp Milo is the camp, its for singers and dancers. who will they meet there? who is going to be there? and who is the camp's founder? will there be love? or will it all be a lie? will there be lies broken? will there be lies told? will things be kept from other people? will things come out that really shouldn't come out? Find out in summer camp!


2. perrie's house, band sleep over!

Hailey's P.O.V.

we arive at perrie's house and i get out and grab my bags from the back of the car we walk up to the door and Debbie (perrie's mum) opened it, we walked in and perrie pulled me up to her room.

i put my suitcase down and run into the bathroom to use the toilet. after im done i walk out of perrie's bathroom and into her rrom to see her not there, i hear talking downstairs so i run downstairs to see Perrie, jesy and jade. i run up to them and hug them

"hey girls!" i say while hugging them with perrie.

"hey" they both say back, we go and sit on the couches and decide to watch both camp rocks, perrie puts the DVD in and jesy and me walk into the kitchen to grab some snacks and drinks. we walk out and hand perrie and jade their can of drink, and we set the food on the coffee table. perrie press' play and we start to watch the movie.


its been 2 hours and we are watching the second camp rock movie, and im currently texting my aunti and telling her what has happened, and just to let you know this is my real aunti, i found out about her 2 years ago and dad doesn't know i have gotten in contact with her. i send the next message to her just as i get a call from dad

"girls shhhhhh, my dad is calling!" i say to them, perrie pauses the movie and i pick up the call

"you bitch, i said not to leave the house!, where are you? get home now you slut!"

"1st, i know i shouldn't have left the house, and 2nd im not telling you where i am, never ever and 3rd im not a slut or a bitch, and last but not least dont call me again!" i yell down the phone before hanging up, i start to break down crying right there, the girls come over to me and give me a group hug

"its alright he wont find you here" perrie says, i nodd understanding what she means, the thing is with perrie she has her real mother(Debbie duffie) who is know married to Mark, than has a step mother(joanna wells) who is the mother of caitlin and girlfriend of Alexander, she also has her real dad (alexander edwards )than her step dad(mark duffie), she has a full brother (jonnie edwards) than she has a step sister ('caitlin georgia edwards')

we are currently at her real mum's house with her step dad, my dad doesnt know any of her parents at all casue he has always been drunk and i would never let him meet them. but they all love me and i love them, they are the family i have never had, its a complicated family but its what i love about them, and they let me come to their houses whenever i want.

we all get up and set up our beds for the night, and get into bed, its an early night  for us seeing as we have camp tommorrow and we gotta get up at 7 in the morning so bed time

"night girls" i say to them

"night"everyone says to each other and we fall asleep on the fold out couches.


so hope you like this btw this is Danielle, hope your enjoying this movella, please like fav and leave comments i want to know how im going!

-Danielle XxXxXxXx

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