Fell for you

Ross and Emmie have been best friends since kindergarten and when Emmie finds out that Ross has to move and he didn't tell her now they don't want to be apart. Now Emmie and Ross has to go their junior year without each other. Is there something between them that they don't want to be apart?


3. Chapter 3

Emmie's P.O.V.

So I went to school got my schedule and went to homeroom. Then there was a new guy that came into the room. He had brown hair and hazel eyes they were beautiful hazel eyes its like I could get lost in them. Then he caught me staring at him then he smiled, so I smiled back. he came and sat by me and said

"Hey I'm David"

"Hey I'm Emmie"

"So do you want to show me around?"

"Yeah sure"

The bell rung and I walked out, he walked out before me as I got out of the classroom he was waiting for me, then he said

"So you're ready to show me around?"

"Yeah, what's your next class?"

"Chemistry with Mr. Day"

"Oh, you have that with me"


So we walked through the science hall to walk in Mr. Day's class. David asked me where I was sitting, so I went and picked a seat and he followed me. Mr. Day said

"Okay, class I'm Mr. Day for those who don't know me"

We all just looked at him then he said

"Alright for the first two weeks of school we will learn procedure."

Everybody made sounds in complaint, I thought is was funny then Mr. Day said

"I know you guys learnt it in 3rd grade but we have to."

So we sat there discussing the procedure, then my phone buzzed and it was a text from Ross and it said

"Cool story babe, now go make me a sandwich"

I giggled and texted

"Okay... oh wait you're in a different country and how am I going to get there?"

Then I put my phone up and listened to Mr. Day and the bell rung, I asked David what his next class was, he said

"Um... English 3 with Ms. Silkey

"Oh I have her but not this hour though"

So we walked to the English Hall and showed him to his class then I went to my class almost tardy but I made it. I had American History with Mrs. Baker. I'm not really good at history but I could do better l, anyways she said we will start talking about the American Revolution I was familiar with it, but I didn't know all the details about it. We discussed about it and then my phone buzzed again it was Ross it said

"Ik but it would be cool tho"

"Yeah Ik so what's up foreign boy"

Then the bell rung and I got up to grab my stuff but everything fell out of my bag so I got down to pick it up and Ray helped me pick it up. then I said

"Thanks Ray"

"Oh, yeah you're welcome"

So I walked out of class and David was waiting for me, then he said

"Are you ready?"

"Yeah sure"

"So I have algebra 2 with Mr. Johnson"

"Oh I have him too this hour"


So we went to the math hall, we got to Mr. Johnson's class and picked a seat then the bell rung, a teacher came in, but it wasn't Mr. Johnson obviously so I asked

"Where is Mr. Johnson?"

"Um... he retired"

I sat there and listened to, I don't even know her name but she was telling us how the year will go which I didn't care, all I cared about was my grades. She talked most of the hour, then she looked at me, she looked like she was going to say something to me bit the bell rung so we went to our next class, well my next class. My next class was Ms. Silkey, then I asked David

"So what's next?"

"Um... Art 1 with Mr. Woods"

"Okay lets go"

We went to the activities hall and then I left for my class. I looked around where Ms. Silkey's class and her room wasn't where I'd thought it would be so I went downstairs to the office and asked them where Ms. Silkey's was and they told me in the old art room. So I went to the old art room and the bell rung and I was late, shoot, I'm never late ever. When I walked in Ms. Silkey looked at me funny. So I sat down and she was telling us how the year is going to start so I just sat there then my phone buzzed again so I chuckled at the text and it was Ross he said 

"Nm just at my foreign lan. wbu?" 

"Just in English 3 with Ms. Silkey" 

I put my phone up , then listened to Ms. Silkey, Ms Silkey is a funny, weird, almost never serious person. She was talking about how we will start with Native American Legends and stories, then my phone buzzed and Ross said 

"Geez, have the entertaining person in the world" 

"Ikr!! Lol so whatcha doing?" 

Ross took a few minutes to text back. He said 

"Hangin with my buds, Hbu?" 

"Sitting in class duh!!! Lol I miss you so much! :(" 

The bell rung for lunch, I was excited cause I was starving during class. As I got to the cafetira my friends were already here then Ross texted me. 

"Can I skype?" 

"Yea sure I'm @ lunch" 

So he skyped so I said

"Hey forgein boy how's it going? Then he said

"Aaaahhhh Americans!!!" 

"Shut up" with a giggle 

He laughed then said 

"It's going good just tired of school" 

"Well after this year we will be Seniors" 

"Yeah I know but its so far away" 

I laughed and he just smiled then David showed up in the picture. Ross said 

"Who is that?" 

"Oh Ross this is David, David this is Ross" 

They both said Hi to each other. Ross and I talked to each other for fifteen minutes then I had to go. Well I would say that's high school that you get interupted all the time by the bells. Well I went to my 5th hour to Mrs. Rudick's choir, I love singing, singing is my passion. We were doing a song for one of our concerts but I had to work on all districts and all state stuff. I love going to compitions it's really fun, I get to meet new people and get to do activities that makes everything better. then the bell rung and I went to flex with my friends then David said 

"Hey Emmie, how's it goin?" 

"Good I guess I really miss Ross" 

"Oh I know how that feels to miss someone" 

"Really you have?"

"Yeah I do miss Kaitlyn" 

"Who's Kaitlyn?" 

"She was my friend who I'd had a crush on since forever" 

"I am terribly sorry. Was she special to you?"

"Yes she was but it's over now" 

"I'm so sorry" 

"It's okay I have you as my bestie" 

"Yes you do forever and always" 

The bell rung and David and I went to our next class. David had American History as for I, had computer apps with Mr. Shew, I know, I know our teacher's name is from glee but what can you do. As for me, warning about technology is not fun. I have a difficulty learning how to put stuff together. Anyways today were learning the parts of putting a computer together. The lesson took forever and then get this we learn more tomorrow. Ugh why couldn't I pick something else othe than this. Oh wait I need the credit.I hate making up credits but if I want to graduate I have to make them up. The bell rung and I went to 7th hour which is band. I love band with a passion colorguard is my main thing. I had it 7th hour cause so I could stay after school to practice more on the routine. David comes to the band room and hugs me from behind I say 

"Hi um, what are you doing?" 

"Oh I thought I would surprise you" 

"Um if you want to get hit then yeah" 

He laughed and went on so I got into my car with David and I asked 

"Do you want to come over tonight?" 

He gave it some thought and said 

"Yeah sure" 

So I started driving to my house and hung out all of a sudden I started singing like always I started singing Make you believe by Lucy Hale. When I was singing David looked at me shocked I asked him 

"What's wrong with you" 

"Just your voice it's so beautiful" 

I felt red all over my cheeks and said

"Oh thank you" 

He nod and I smiled at him then I said 

"So do you want to watch a movie?" 

"Yeah sure what do ya got?" 

"Take a look I have plenty"

He took a look at the movies we had then he picked one and he had to pick The Proposal so he said 

"I want to watch this one" 

I playfully said no, then he said 

"Aww why not?" with a giggle 

"Cause I don't want to, that's why" 


Then he ran over to me and tackled me down and tickled me. I laughed and try to run away but he kept me there I looked at him and he looked at me almost a stare then I broke it by saying

"Um maybe we should watch the movie" 

He got up and put the movie in and started watching it. We sat there through the movie. 

*An hour and a half later*

We got to the part were Andrew was chasing Marget but the plane flew away and he was devastated about her leaving. David looked at me and I looked at him and smiled then looked back at the movie and it was at the part were Andrew ran to the office and find Marget packing to go back to Canada. They were talking then he kissed her and me smiling like an idiot at that part and I told David, 

"You can stay the night if you want" 

He looked at me and smiled and said 

"Yeah I would like that" 

So we went up stairs to show him his room for the night and I said 

"Well here is your room for the night if you need anything just call me" 

He smiled and walked over to me and kissed me, I wouldn't know what I was thinking but I pulled away and went to my room. I layed down on my bed looking at the ceiling thinking what just happened I didn't understand what just happened. So I just went to sleep with all of this on my mind and me being in love with Ross I don't know what to do. 

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