Fell for you

Ross and Emmie have been best friends since kindergarten and when Emmie finds out that Ross has to move and he didn't tell her now they don't want to be apart. Now Emmie and Ross has to go their junior year without each other. Is there something between them that they don't want to be apart?


2. Chapter 2

Ross P.O.V.

Emmie gave me a picture of me and her on the beach in Rio and colonge the one she liked. I gave here a big hug which it lasted five minutes then my mom said

"It's time to go!"

Emmie started crying then I told her

"It will be okay we will be in contact"

"Yeah but skype me everyday okay"

"Okay I wil" 

I got into my car and waved good-bye and left. As I left my home I started crying cause I'm leaving my whole world behind. On my road trip to the airport from Oklahoma. We stopped to take a break and skyped Emmie from my phone

"Hey Emmie"

"Ross, hey, how is your road trip?"

"Oh it is tiring I wish your were here"

Why did I just say that? She doesn't know that I'm in love with her.

"Oh really, I'm really boring"

"I bet not well I have to go I will skype you later"

So I hung up and got back into my car and followed my parents.

***** 5 hours later

So we arrived in North Carolina at the airport, my parents went to go get tickets for Europe. So I got my phone out and skyped Emmie. It took a few rings for her to pick up.

"Hey girl"

 "Hey boy"

"Why did it take you awhile to pick up?"

"Oh I was busy, I'm finished with it though"

"Okay good cause I wanted to talk to you"

She smiled at me

"So where are you now?"

"North Carolina airport"

"Oh thats cool"

"Yeah, I really miss you"

"I miss you too" she said smiling

"Sing for me one last time please"


She started singing Rolling in the Deep by Adele. I recorded our skype chat with her singing then she stopped. Then I said

"Wow" while smiling

"Yeah I guess"

"I got a question"


"Have you been crying?"

"No, I have to go"

She hung up, I sat in the airport seats looking at my phone watching the video I record from the joint with her.

I heard the announcer saying something about the plane to Europe. My parents grabbed me and we went on the plane. I sat down thinking about her why am I thinking about her.

Emmie's P.O.V.

***** A week later

I woke up this morning brushing my teeth putting my clothes on for school then straighting my hedium length hair. So I grabbed my bag and went down stairs and nade me cereal. I havent skyped Ross in three days I wonder if he is okay at his new home. My dad came down the stairs and said

"Emmie, I'm going on a date tonight so I will be home late"

Okay I will bring a friend over is that okay?"

"Yeah sure"

He kissed me on the forehead and left for work.

I'm not glad for dad dating but atleast he is happy. My dad grieved for years ever since my mom died in a car accedent about five years ago. I wouldn't eat for months, Ross almost had to force me to eat. My dad always worked after my mom died. I wouldn't blame him, he lost everything that he had. When I wouldn't eat dad didn't care. Until I ended up in the hospital cause I wasn't getting enought nutrients in my body. My dad blamed himself, I wouldn't blame him it was just my depression.

I went out the door into my car and left for school. I arrived at school and everybody was staring at me. I went to go see my other friends, I couldn't see them all summer cause they were on their summer vaction. My other best friends are so amazing. They all have their special personality. Jason, he is the most outgoing guy I have ever mets, Dylan, he thinks he could get any girl Mckenzie (Mac) she is sweetest can be, and Ava has attitude but I love her, I love them all.

"Hey girl" Ava said looking at me

"Hey Ava, sweetie"

"How was your summer?" Jason said

"Good, actually great until Ross had to go"

"Oh, I heard how are you holding up?" Dylan said

"I'm okay"

Then my phone buzzed and it was a skype chat from Ross, I answered it and said


"Hey Emmie, how is your first day of school going so far?"

"Good I guess wishing you were here"

"Yeah I know, well I have to go I will talk to you later okay?"

"Okay bye"

So I hung up and went to get my schedule for the new year of my junior year it's going great so far.

Ross P.O.V.

Emmie hung up and I got ready for school. For the first time I didn't have to get up so early for school. Even the school is a boarding school so I have to live in a dorm. I went to my first class but I couldn't find it. Then this guy was roaming in the halls and I said

"Hey dude, um can you help me find my class?"

"Hey yeah sure what do you have?"

"Um algebra"

"Okay right this way"

"I'm Ross by the way"


We just walked down a really long hallway.

"So you're new" Liam said

"Yeah I'm from America"

"Yeah I can't tell by your accient"

"Oh really?"

"Yep, so here we are Algebra"


"No problem, hey if you want at lunch you can hang with us"

"Oh cool, yeah sure, thanks"

Then he left and I walked into class and everybody was staring at me. I showed the teacher my schedule then he told me to find a seat anywhere free. I looked in the back row to see if there was a seat free, and there was, I sat behind a kid dark hair. He turned around and said

"Hey, I'm Zayn"


"So you're new?"

"Yep new as I'll ever be"

Laughed "You're funny'

"Oh really"

Then the teacher say'd

"Is there something wrong Mr. Malik?"

"No, Sir"

Then he contiued with the lesson then the bell rung for the next class I had gym. I went through the process again. Then he gave me gym clothes and I went to put them on I didn't like them. We were playing football (soccer) but somebody got hurt. These two boys approach me, one of them had curly brown hair and the other had straight hair then they said

"I'm Louis"

"And I'm Harry"


"You're a pretty good athlete" Harry said

"Thanks, I used to play a lot of baseball at my old school"

"Wow cool" Louis said

The bell rung

"Well see you guys later"

Then I left my schedule said "Free" what did that mean? I saw Liam in the hallway and asked him what was a free. He told me I get a free time so I went back to my dorm, I never got to meet my roomate I'm kinda hoping he is there. I went to my dorm and my roomate was there. He had blonde hair like me. When I got there he was eating, so I said

"Aren't you going to spoil you appetite?"

"Nope I eat a lot"

"Oh, well I'm Ross"

"I'm Niall"

So I laid on my bed and we started talking about a lot of random things then the bell rung and I went to my chemistry class. I showed the teacher my schedule then she said

"My name is Ms. Reardon so Ros pick a seat anywhere"

I looked around to find empty seat. I saw one infront of a girl, so  I sat there. Ms. Reardon was saying we are going to work with chemicals. I was excited Emmie and I were chem. nerds. Then the girl behind me started talking to me she kinda looked like Emmie but no offense, Emmie is prettier. She said her name was Jennifer but everybody calls her Jenn. She asked to be my lab partner for the assignment, so I said sure then the bell rung and I had lunch, I found Liam in the hallway just on his way to lunch, then I said

"hey Liam"

"Oh hey Ross what's up?"

"Nothing much just trying to find you"

"Okay well follow me"

So I followed him he showed me to a little cafe in the school building and then there was Niall, Harry, Louis, and Zayn at a table together we were walking towards them they all said

"Liam, Ross"

They all looked at each other then laughed the Liam said

"How do you know all my mates?"

"Oh, I have classes with all of them"

"Oh wow that cool well lets get lunch"

They all went to get lunch but I stayed back and thought about Emmie, I wonder how she is doing right now I sure miss her right now.

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