Fell for you

Ross and Emmie have been best friends since kindergarten and when Emmie finds out that Ross has to move and he didn't tell her now they don't want to be apart. Now Emmie and Ross has to go their junior year without each other. Is there something between them that they don't want to be apart?


1. Chapter 1

"Ross, I've been you're best friend since kindergarten and you tell me now that you're moving away!"

"I know I should've told you months ago but I thought you wouldn't talk to me."

"Why wouldn't I talk to you when you when you had a few months with me?" 

"I don't know Emerald"

"I told you not to call me by my real name"

"Sorry Emmie"

I sat there thinking how my junior year of high school would be without him. He looked like he was about to say something but he pulled back. To break the silence.

"So how am I supposed to face my junior year without you?"

"I don't know but I know you and you will think of something."

I sat my back against the wall and try to think of something but nothing seemed right. He came by me and held me and told me everything will be alright. Then he said

"You want to go do something?"

"Yeah sure but what are we going to do?"

"I don't know just something"

Then he got up and helped me up, then he grabbed my arm and pulled me, we got into his car and we went to our hangout. As we got in there the smell of cheeseburgers and the sound of Radioactive by Image Dragons. We go something to eat, Ross ordered for me cause he knew what I always ordered. I started singing to Can't hold us by Macklemore and Lewis, Ross just smiled at me. Ross said 

"You're a great singer"

"No I'm not if I was then how come you never told me about it before?"

"I just never noticed until now"

He's lying he noticed before why is he lying he never lied to me before. Our food came we ate and talked. I couldn't say that I didn't like spending time with Ross, I did, not because I like him it's because he was leaving me. 


Ross P.O.V.

I sat there listening to Emmie sing the song Can't hold us by Macklemore and Lewis. I've always notice Emmie sing then stupid me I said 

"You're a great singer"

"No I'm not if I was then how come you never told me about it before?"

"I never notice until now"

She knows when I'm lying especially when I lie to her but I never lied to her before why decide now. To be honest I've always liked Emmie, ever since I liked girls since like the second grade. It's just the little things about her makes me want to fall in love with her. I told her to grab her stuff and come on she asked me 

"Where are we going?"

"Somewhere special"

We got into my car and drove off, then the song 22 by Taylor Swift came on she started singing oh, her beautiful voice I'm surely going to miss. It was kinda a good thing I video taped her at our hang out I know I shouldn't of done that but I had to. To break the silence I said 

"What are you thinking about?"

There was a long pause 

"Oh, nothing" 

"No seriously what are yu thinking about?"

"Nothing could we just drop it!"

We went to the place were we first met. She looked around and said

"I can't believe you remembered were we first met when we were five years old!" 

I looked at her and smiled, then I said,

"Of course I remembered"

I looked at here on the swings she seemed so happy with her beautiful smile, her dark brown hair, and her sparkling dark brown eyes. I want to tell her how I feel about her but I'm afraid how she will react. I know its a typical guy liking his best friend that is a girl I feel so cheesy.

I went to go join her on the swings both of us were happy. Then I thought I was moving away cause of my stupid dad had to get relocated. I'm going to miss everything the town, my hangout, and my best friend whom I'm in love with I just hate my life right now.

Emmie's P.O.V.

We got into Ross car and drove somewhere I don't know where he's taking me. The silence was awkward. He broke the awkward silence by saying

"What are you thinking about?"

I couldn't tell him I was thinking about him if I tell him how I feel then he won't talk to me anymore so I said

"Oh, nothing"

"No, seriously what are you thinking about?"

"Nothing, could we just drop it"

Then he stopped the car and I looked around I looked at him with all the joy in the world, then I said

"I can't believe you remembered were we first met when we were five years old"

"Of course I remembered" he said

Then I ran to the swings and started swinging feeling happy feeling the five year old in me. I looked over at Ros smiling with his beautiful smile, his blonde hair, and with those beautiful brown eyes. Then he came on the swings with me. I felt like I was having the time of my life.

***** Three days later

I went over to Ross's house to see him before he leaves to go to his new home away from me. He turned around and smiled at me as I got out of my car. He ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug, it felt like he hasn't seen me in years. I went up to his room to help him with his stuff but he was already packed up. Ross came up to his room he didn't say anything. Then he went to his bed he got something from under it, it looked like a present. He gave it to me, then I said

"Why are you giving me a present I should be the one given it to you"

"I know but I think you shouldn't forget about me"

"Why would I forget about you, your my best friend."

"I don't know but I will really miss you"

I saw a tear fall down his face so I went to hug him for a really long time, Then I opened the present and it was a picture of me and Ross at one of our vacations in Puerto Rico and a necklace it was really beautiful then I said,

"I got you something its in my car"

So we went to my car I got it from the backseat and gave it to him. He opened it then he looked at me with a smile. I gave him a picture with us in Rio and some cologne that was my favorite smell. Then he gave me a hug it was a long one. I heard from the back ground

"It's time to go!"

Then I started crying and let him go, he told me,

"It will be okay we will be in contact"

"Yeah but skype me everyday okay"

"Okay I will"

Ross got into his car waving good-bye and left. I cried really hard when I got home thinking I will never seen him again.

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