"Am I......."

This fan fic is about a girl named bailey. It all started with the obsession of Justin Bieber. Now she gets to go to his concert with her best friend Sarah. What happens when they score front row seats.
What if one of them is the OLLG?
What happens when her and Justin keep hanging out?
Read to find out!!!!!


4. Truth or Dare

Bailey's (POV.)

Once Chaz, Ariana, and Cody came back we started playing.

"Ariana start the game!!"

Justin said.

"Ok Cody truth or dare?!?!?!"


"Ok since were in a hidden area, I dare you to go run around the street in nothing but your underwear!!!!!"

Ariana told Cody.

He did it and we were all cracking up laughing. Once he was done we got back in the bus but soon it was going to be over because me and Sarah do not belong here as much as we wish we were members of the family.

It was my turn to tell a truth or dare.

"Sarah truth or dare?!?!"


"Ok. So Sarah I dare you to kiss Ryan."

After I finished talking her face was priceless. Once she looked at Ryan he smashed his lips to hers and then they started to make-out.

"Ok ENOUGH!!!!!!" Cody screamed.

After that is was Cody's turn to tell a truth or dare.

"Bailey I dare you to kiss Justin!!!!!"

"Jeez there's a lot if kissing in this game isn't there!!!!"

I said.

"Well then I guess we have to kiss."

Justin said to me.

After that we both started leaning in and on our lips touched my stomach just erupted into a bunch of butterflies.

We did not take away from each other.

When we were still kissing someone bursted through the door with out a knock. When we heard the door open me and Justin immediately broke apart.

It was Kenny on the bus telling us that we had to leave because it was getting late.

"Well I guess we have to get going."

I said getting up.

"Wait Bailey can I have your number."

Justin asked me and then I gave him my number.

And then Me and Sarah gave our number to everybody else because they asked.

And after that me and Sarah both left fan girling because of what happened.

We both assumed that we were gonna see all of them again since we gave them our numbers.

A/N: Sorry for any wrong spelling and sorry for not uploading yesterday. I'll try and update tommorow


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