"Am I......."

This fan fic is about a girl named bailey. It all started with the obsession of Justin Bieber. Now she gets to go to his concert with her best friend Sarah. What happens when they score front row seats.
What if one of them is the OLLG?
What happens when her and Justin keep hanging out?
Read to find out!!!!!


3. On the bus (Sarah POV.)

Sarah's (POV.)

"Hey Justin who are these pretty girls?!?"

As soon as I heard that voice my heart melted.

I knew who that voice belonged to. It belonged to Ryan Butler.

"The one on the left is Bailey and on the right is Sarah."

Justin said to Ryan.

I was wondering how Justin knew my name but then I also remembered that Bailey and Justin were talking the whole way to the bus. Plus I was in La-La land on the way to the bus just wondering what would happen.

While I was in a little trance Bailey snapped me out of it thank god cause then it would've been akward.

"So what should we do?!?"

Bailey asked while me and Ryan stood there.

" We should play truth or dare but lets play when Chaz, Ariana, and Cody come back."

Justin said.

We all agreed. Before they came back we just talked about me and Bailey because they didn't know much about us and plus we knew everything about them. I could so tell that Justin and Bailey were so falling for each other so I had to tell Ryan about it and he so knew what a dare for one of them was going to be. When they came back we started playing and I could'nt  believe the dare that Bailey gave me but I was so going to do it.




So guys hope u liked it ill try and update more but im super tired its 1:30 where I live in bipolar florida ( the weather is hot then cold its cold now) so night-night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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