"Am I......."

This fan fic is about a girl named bailey. It all started with the obsession of Justin Bieber. Now she gets to go to his concert with her best friend Sarah. What happens when they score front row seats.
What if one of them is the OLLG?
What happens when her and Justin keep hanging out?
Read to find out!!!!!


7. not a chapter, NEWS, GROW UP!!

Hey people!!!!

Did u hear about Justin?!?

I'm really upset. I literally was on the verge if pouring my eyes out.

If u have not heard, Justin Bieber got arrested but was later released with bond.

I can't believe he was arrested for DUI, resisting arrest, smoking pot, and racing down the street.

I can't believe the boy he has become


If you're reading this and u have a twitter account and u want him to get help please post a big comment or (whatever it is) on his page saying we love so much, please get help, we don't want u to get deported. The reason I'm asking this is because I don't have a twitter account or Instagram because I don't really want one. So if u can PLEASE post a big statement on his Instagram or Twitter saying all of this things. If ur reading this PLEASE do it.

The news I wanted to tell u guys is that I have noticed is that I don't really update on the weekdays so I'm probably only going to update in the weekends and if I have time I will update on the weekdays.

Oh and something else I forgot is that did u hear that Justin Bieber has spent over $75,000 in a strip club called "King of Diamonds" I think that is what I was called. IDK!

So that's all I had to say.

Keep reading my story!!

Tell ur friends about my story!!

Like, favorite, and comment this story!!!!!

Oh and comment if u think Justin should serve time in jail or go to rehab!!!

I think he should because all the young BELIEBER's need a role model and his actions are NOT helping!!!!!!!!

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