"Am I......."

This fan fic is about a girl named bailey. It all started with the obsession of Justin Bieber. Now she gets to go to his concert with her best friend Sarah. What happens when they score front row seats.
What if one of them is the OLLG?
What happens when her and Justin keep hanging out?
Read to find out!!!!!


2. My Life

Hey peoples my name is Bailey.

I'm 17 years old.

My best friend is Sarah.

We r both huge BELIEBERS!!!!!!

We scored front row tickets for a Justin Bieber concert!!!!

We hope either one if us is the OLLG!!!!!

When we go to the concert were gonna make these t-shirts that say OLLG on it with glow-in-the-dark fabric paint so we r very NOTICIBLE.

So today is just a regular school day when we just go to school.


"Hey babe" I said when I approached her in the school hallway.

"Hey boo" she said to me.

We've known each other since 2nd grade.

We've always gave each other nick names.

"I can't wait till the Bieber concert!!!!" I screamed to Sarah which caused stares to occur in the hallway.

"I know I wonder if one of us will be the OLLG!!!"

She screamed back to me which caused more stares.

"Shhhhhhh" one of the teachers aka. Mr.Kirk.

Then we started whisper screaming.

"IM SO EXCITED!!!!!" I whisper screamed to her.




We both screamed to each other when we parked at the stadium.

When we were walking inside we saw so many cute girls dressed up in tutu's and Justin Bieber shirts.

"OMG I can't believe this is happening to US right now!!!!!"

I told Sarah.

When we got to our seats we were waiting for the opening acts like Cody Simpson and Ariana Grande.

When Ariana was singing me and Sarah were Rockin out where we were.

"I love the way u make me feel, I love it, I love it..."

Me and Sarah sang in unison.

When Ariana finished we were waiting for Justin to come out on his wings.

10 minuets later he came out and it was just unbelievable the view from there was.

"Your beautiful, beautiful you should know it...."

We sang together.

When Justin came back out the words that he said just made Me fan girl.

"Who wants to be my OLLG!!!"

He said.

Then I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder.

At that moment my heart stopped because u knew exactly what was gonna happen when I turned around.

When I turned around I saw Allison and Kenny and Allison asked "would you like to be the OLLG!!"

I was speechless when she said that.

I emideatly said yes.

After that they took me back stage and the two dancers took me on stage.

When I saw Justin, my heart just sank.

When he sang to me it felt like it was just me and him in the world.

"There's gonna be one less lonely girl" he sang to me.

When he looked straight in my eyes my heart just stopped.

When he was singing to me he was caressing my cheek. It felt so.......... Amazing!!!!!

When it was over I still couldn't believe what was happening.

When we stopped backstage I texted Sarah and told her I'll be there.

When I saw Justin coming towards me I was turning to jelly, my idol was coming towards me.

He said

"Hey beautiful what's your name?"

"Bailey" I said to him.

"Do you want to take a picture?!?"

He asked and I obviously said yes and after that what he asked me was unbelievable

"Do you want to come to my tour bus after the show, and if you brought a friend they can come to?"

I immediately said yes.

After that I texted Sarah and she said she's coming after I got her to backstage the show was over.

"Goodnight Orlando I love you!!!!!!!!"

Justin said and came backstage to us.

"So do you guys want to go to the tour bus now?!?!?"

We said yes and we went.

When we got to the tour bus I saw the person the would make Sarah's heart sink to the floor.

"Hey Justin who are these pretty ladies?!?"

A/N: Cliff hanger!!!!!!!

I wonder who it's going to be?!?

Sorry people I'm super tired.

I had school all day.

I'll try and update soon!!!!

Oh and by the way I'm doing this on my phone and I'm so confused in how to write it!!

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