"Am I......."

This fan fic is about a girl named bailey. It all started with the obsession of Justin Bieber. Now she gets to go to his concert with her best friend Sarah. What happens when they score front row seats.
What if one of them is the OLLG?
What happens when her and Justin keep hanging out?
Read to find out!!!!!


9. Hanging Out

Bailey's (P.O.V)



"Hey what time do u want me to pick u guys up?"

Justin texted me.



"Like 12:45!"



"Kk c ya beautiful!"

I was blushing when I read that message.

***********Justin and Ryan at house*******************

*Knock Knock*

I hears at the door.

I ran to it and opened it. "Hey guys!!" I said and gave each of them a hug.

"Ummmmm Ryan Sarah will be down in like 5 minuets!!" I told Ryan.

"Ok" he simply responded.

After that Sarah came down.

"Wow quicker than I expected" I said.

"Oh be quite" Sarah said then laughed. I laughed along.

"So what do u want to do ?!?!" Justin asked.

"Any ideas because I have nothing?!?" I said.

"Nope" everybody said.

"Well I guess we can just hang out here until we find something to do" I said.

"Ya I guess do u have anything to do Bailey ?!?" Justin asked.

"Ya I have a pool !!!" I said while opening the curtain to the pool. Ryan and Justin's mouth were hung open because if the slide and the pool toys and the lights.

"Can I live here?" Ryan said. We all just giggled.

"Haven't you guys ever seen a pool before. I mean come on Ryan your best friend is JUSTIN FUCKING BIEBER!!!" I said to Ryan.

"Ya but it's so cool!!!!" He said.

"The pool is cool but we do t have swimming trunks." Justin said.

"Don't worry I have some that my guy friends use when they come over." I said.

"Ok" they both said. I have them swimming trunks and we all went and changed.

"WHOS READY TO GO SWIMMING!!!!!!!" Sarah asked/screamed. And I'm pretty sure the neighbors heard her considering they looks over to us.

"Sorry!!!!" I screamed to them. "Sarah!!! Try not to be so loud!!!" I told her but she probably won't listen to me because screaming was like her thing.

When the boys took off there shirts me and Sarah were drooling because let me tell you. Those boys had some FUCKING ABB's. I'm not even kidding. Me and Sarah were in a trance for like 5 minuets because Justin and Ryan snapped us out of our gaze.

Now it was me and Sarah's turn to take off our sun dresses. I was a little scared because I thought I was fat. But I guess I'm not considering Ryan was staring at Sarah the whole time and Justin was staring at me. So I guess I'm not fat.

Once we were all done with our "staring at each other's perfect body" trance the boys jumped in the pool. Me and Sarah didn't go in yet because we wanted to tan.

The boys kept telling us to get in but we didn't listen. Next thing you know were being lifted off if our chairs and being thrown in the pool.

"I'm so going to kill u!!! You better start running because you don't know what you got yourself into !!!!" I screamed at Justin.

"Uh-oh!" Justin said and started running. Sarah was laughing because to her its not a problem but to me your dead!!

"You are so going to get it!! " I kept screaming to Justin until I finally jumped on him and he fell with his back to the floor. And I fell right on top of him.

I thought it was so cute the way we fell together.

"I told you you were gonna get it!!" I said to Justin.

"Damn girl. Your tougher than you look!" He said to me and then I started laughing. Then it became quite. I turned and saw Sarah and Ryan making out. Next thing you know I hear the best words come out of THE JUSTIN BIEBER'S mouth.

"Why don't me and you join the club?!?" I knew exactly what he meant. Then we both leaned in. And when our lips touched I felt sparks. I hope he felt the same too.

Justin's (P.O.V)

When our lips touched I felt sparks. I hope she felt the same too.

I think I'm falling for Bailey really bad.

Bailey's (P.O.V)

When we pulled apart we just stared into each other's gaze. I thought it was so romantic because it was getting late and the colorful pool lights came on and that's when our gaze stopped.

"Oh um it's getting late we should probably go." Justin said.

"Oh u guys can stay over if u want to?!?!" I said to them. In my head I was going crazy for them to say yes.

"Ok. Ya. Sure. We can stay." Justin said. My mins just blew up because I wanted him to say yes.

"We should take showers. Good thing we brought clothes with us." Ryan said.

"Yes it is." Sarah said.

Once we were all done taking showers we stayed in the living room watching movies and eating candy and popcorn.

During in the middle of "Jack and Jill" we all fell asleep with Sarah in Ryan's arms. And me in Justin's arms.

A/N: HOLA!!!!!!!! Sorry I haven't update. I've been so busy with dance. I made this chapter extra long.

5 more reads for the next chapter!!!

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