How Are You?

This story is about the life of a 16 year old girl named Victoria Qin. When she was 9 she was adopted, and now she has been living the life of a normal girl, but now that she has left the orphanage she wants to do something for the children that are still there. Can she do it or will she fail and live her own life and move on from helping the poor innocent children?


1. My life


   Chapter 1

      My Life

Life can be filled with up's and down's. My life is just, well, let me just explain it to you. My name

is Victoria Qin. I am a Chinese-American girl who is 16 years old. I was adopted by my foster parents when I was 9 years old and I now have an older brother and an older sister who care for me and look out for me. They can be a little over protective sometimes, and it might get in the way when it comes to boyfriends and guys I like, but that’s okay because I know they care for me and love me.

When I was 9 years old I remember being so lonely and cold with barley anything to eat. You see,

the orphanage I went to was a very poor place. We took showers twice a week and ate once a day. During the winters, I remember wrapping myself in newspapers I would find outside on the ground and the tattered rags and old towels that I stole from the janitors closet. When it snowed especially, I grabbed extra rags and towels from the closet, if there were any. Sometimes I would give the other children the rags and towels that I stole, being that I was the oldest one at the orphanage.

In the summer, it got incredibly hot outside as well as inside the orphanage.  Since we were poor

we didn’t have air conditioning. This is one of the luxuries that we were not given. I remember asking to take a bath or go swimming to cool off, but every time I asked I got sent outside, in the scorching hot weather, to do work. I had to pick up twigs and other random things just because I asked to take another bath or go swimming. 

I remember the day my foster parents walked in the orphanage. While they were walking to go

inside the facility they stopped to ask me where to go. I told them where to go, but as they were walking away I suddenly started crying. While I was sitting on the ground crying, they came rushing over to ask me what was wrong. I cried and screamed how I hated it at the orphanage and begged them to take me with them to their house. I told them why I was outside in the hot weather and how we take showers twice a week and only eat once a day. They looked at each other in disbelief and slightly dragged me inside the orphanage with them. They asked me to show them the way to the head office, so I silently walked ahead of them showing the way.

When we got to the head office door, I paused for a second then knocked. When we got a reply

from the lady in charge of the orphanage, I opened the door and sent in my foster parents. When I tried to leave to go finish picking up twigs, I got dragged inside the room with them. The lady in charge of the orphanage just stared me down like I had done something very horrible and unforgivable, but that didn't bother me. My foster parents discussed how they wanted to adopt me right away and take me to their home which they said was "Not a living hell, like this orphanage. Where they actually care for their children.". After all the arguing about what is what and what an orphanage should be like, they finally signed a few papers and I was on my way to a better life.

Ever since I got adopted my life has been what I always dreamed it would be. Everything is so

warm and fuzzy and I am always in a happy mood, but when I think about the other children at the orphanage I feel like I should do something to help them. I feel the need to help them as much as I can, but how? Make lunches for all of them? Get a job and donate all my money to them? Just what should I do to help them? There has got to be a way. I could audition and try to be a movie/TV star. I doubt it would happen but I can always try. Right? Maybe I'll do that. I can just try my best and if I don't make it, then I'll get up and try again at something else. I know I'm only in high school, but I want to help them. I'm going to help them.

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