Ancient Wars

It is a tale that follows the young roman emperor of the west, his secrets and desire to rule the whole of Rome, centuries later he arrives in Willow Creek, and chaos erupts.





“I have been walking this earth for a millennium, some people may long for their humanity, their mortality, but I do not have the pleasure of feeling human.''


Antonius Benedict Augustus, the emperor of the western roman empire stood over the balcony of his palace watching the sun setting casting an orange haze over the horizon as if lightning the sky above in a ring of flame, the warmth leapt to him instilling peace in his heart, it's been a long time since he had been this relaxed, though the tranquility didn't last long as he had shuffle behind him, slender arms embraced him from behind, the rich, spicy, sweet and warm scent of amber fragrance invaded his nostrils, and the peace returned to his heart, he hadn't seen her in a while, he missed her heavenly scent, he cherished the moment he would come back to her and feel the warmth of her flesh beneath him. ''Teresa, my love'' he whispered. He turned and looked at her, Teresa's tresses of silky blonde hair were fit neatly into a stunning chignon. Her deep-set chocolate-brown eyes looked at him like a puppy dog. She had a pixie like nose that dropped daintily down from its peak. Her cupid’s bow red lips surrounded her small mouth with perfect alabaster teeth. Dimples were pressed under Teresa's high cheekbones. Her soft hands with long fingers terminated in painted, polished mauve nails. She had a voluptuous figure that poured into a nice hourglass. Teresa gazed at her betrothed, he looked weary and tired, the war had taken its toll, but still he looked handsome, she caressed his manly, gritty stubble, his blue eyes which she always loved looked into her, she grazed her hand on his broadened titan shoulders, she ran her hands over his silky, dark hair which had overgrown, and finally settled her hand on his defined cheekbone and concrete jaw. She inhaled deeply before planting a chaste kiss on his lips and whispered, ''Welcome home''.

Antonius gave her a smile before returning his gaze to the sunset, ''It's beautiful'' Teresa whispered. He only gave a nod, he appreciated this comfort, because he knew it wouldn't last long. The peace was disturbed yet again by the servant, ''Your Imperial Majesty, the Legatus Leonidas has arrived.'' Antonius wondered what would bring him here, he looked at the servant before answering ''Show him in.'' Leonidas approached them before bowing his head, ''We are most pleased you have returned safely, I have received news from his majesty your uncle Emperor Valens, he sends word that the Ostrogoths are planning an invasion, his troops are not enough for the war.'' finished Leonidas. Antonius inhaled deeply, he knew it was inevitable, he couldn't aid his dear uncle, and he had his own problems. ''We have the Lentienses preparing an attack, and now we have the Goths causing problems, send my uncle a message that tells him not to worry, prepare a unit to depart for Constantinople immediately.'' Antonius had knowledge that if news spread that he has sent a military unit to his uncle, it would send a signal that he was weak and prone to attack, but he knew things that others had no knowledge of. Leonidas nodded before bowing his head, Antonius looked at his betrothed, how he wished he would devour her this night, he longed for her, but he was tired and worn out, ''Dusk is settling, I have to take my leave, father would kill me if I arrived late.'' said Teresa. Antonius nodded in understanding, he gave a chaste kiss on the lips before summoning the guards.

Antonius approached his chambers, tired and worn out he longed for sleep, but as he entered his chambers, he saw a silhouette, as he approached, it morphed into a woman, he knew who it was, ''What is it Domitia.'' he asked. Domitia bowed before him, ''Your father has been captured.'' she said to him. Antonius groaned inwardly, ''What has he done now.'' he knew his father was a menace who went looking for trouble. ''He is in Tartarus, Kore is getting anxious, and she needs more troops to release him.'' Antonius knew what that meant, more souls needed to be sent to the underworld, but he had his own agenda, ''What about the spell, have you found it.'' Domitia sighed, she had been searching for it for a while but eventually discovered it. ''I have, tomorrow when the moon reaches at its peak we will perform it.'' Antonius gave her a smile, ''As for the troops, the Goths are waging war against the east, I have sent a unit to my uncle as a gesture of support, but we know what the Goths are, tell Kore the troops will arrive.'' Domitia nodded before vanishing, Antonius' plan was in motion, once the spell worked, and the Goths defeated the east, Rome would be his for the taking, giving a sinister smile he went to bed happy with his accomplishment, after all he was his father's son. 

Antonius awoke to banging of his chamber's door, he jolted from his bed and approached the door, wanting to know what the fracas was about, opening the door he saw the worried face of Leonidas, ''What is the problem, you have awoken me from my slumber'' he asked. Leonidas bowed his head in apology, ''Sire, my sincere apologies, but the war has begun, and it seems the Goths have the advantage, your uncle needs more aid.'' Antonius was joyful, but he had to keep the mask on, the war would be over soon and Rome would be his, ''I am afraid I can't aid my dear uncle, we have a battle to prepare against the Lentienses, that is our priority Leonidas, if my uncle wins the war it's good and if he loses, God forbid, we will strengthen our territory.'' finished Antonius. Leonidas looked at his emperor, he had a valid argument, bowing his head Leonidas took his leave. Antonius returned to his chambers knowing his plans were in motion.

It was midday, Antonius was sword practicing, the heat was unbearable, sweat was glistening from his body, he did not mind the heat, he embraced it and loved it, the heat was not his enemy but ally . A servant approached him, ''Sire, the Lady Teresa has arrived.'' Antonius nodded his head before taking his leave, he approached his betrothal, ''Jupiter has truly blessed me, my uncle is at war against the Goths, and soon enough my love, Rome would be mine and you will be at the helm of it.'' Antonius finished before swooping Teresa for a passionate kiss. Teresa giggled, ''Why did you send him a unit then.'' she asked. Antonius took a deep breath, ''It was to instill belief in him, I gave him a fighting chance, I would not allow him to lose pitifully and die like a dog, besides rumors have already spread that his dear nephew aided him with troops, if he lost, it would be a disgrace to him.''  Teresa gazed at him, she was his partner and she would support him in every decision and above all she longed and thrived for power.

Antonius looked at her, she was truly meant for him, she had a knack for inspiring and motivating him, as soon as this war was over he will marry her, make her his for eternity, leaning down, he placed a chaste kiss on her shoulder before caressing her slender neck, he longed for her, he caught her ear lobe delicately between his teeth before whispering to her, ''It's been a long time my love since I felt the warmth of your flesh, I need to be burnt by the heat emanating from your core and taste your sweet ambrosia, I want to bury myself deep within you, I want to make you mine.'' Teresa was blushing, her cheeks were crimson red, she was breathing heavily, she wanted him to devour her, she missed him, looking at his sky blue eyes which darkened with lust, her love for him was consuming, he drove her mad, and he frustrated her. Antonius looked at her, a smirk forming on his face, leaning down, he captured her lips between his teeth before whispering, ''Not tonight, I have an errand, love.'' Teresa groaned, this is why he frustrated her, stomping her feet, ''I will take my leave now.'' she said as she walked away from him, Antonius laughed before yelling, ''I love you!''

Dusk was settling, the moon had not yet reached its peak, tonight was the night, if everything went successful, he would become immortal, a status that no man had ever achieved, he would obtain power no one has ever dreamed of, it would make him invincible. Leaving his chambers, he summoned Gaius, his trusted guard, “I have a personal errand to run, I may be late, I need you to keep order while I am gone’’ Gaius nodded in understanding before bowing his head. Antonius left the palace making his way towards the meeting point, the moon was reaching its peak, he saw a figure from afar, knowing who it was, and he hurried his steps, once he arrived at the place, he saw Domitia, and she looked tense. “What is the matter.’’ He asked, Domitia bowed her head, “Avilius and his legions are waging war against Kore, news has traveled that the Master is in captivity, they saw it as an opportunity to attack, Kore needs your help, you are the only link to him, it was she who aided me in finding this spell.’’

Antonius had an honest smile on his face, he would do everything to aid Kore, “I have good news, the Goths are winning the war, the casualties are increasing, soon enough Kore will have her troops, now let’s proceed, shall we?’’ Domitia nodded, she looked up and saw that the moon had reached its peak, breathing deeply she guided Antonius to a pentagram, “The immortality spell will not only make you immortal, but awaken something in you, your repressed abilities from your father will surface, you will feel powerful.’’ Antonius rubbed his hands together, he was anxious, he was scared but above all he was thrilled. Domitia closed her eyes before she began chanting, “I call upon the rowan tree to grant Antonius, son of Hades eternal life.’’ At the mention of his father’s name there was an eerie silence, gazing upon the rowan tree beside him, Antonius noticed part of it was withering away, he could feel something stir inside of him, coldness he never felt before, “I call upon the moon to grant Antonius, son of  Hades eternal strength and power.’’

He was feeling it, his blood was turning to ice, the coldness was spreading, he gazed upon the moon and noticed a part of it was turning black, his chest was cold, he could feel his heart slowing, “I can feel it Domitia, the power is overwhelming, words can’t explain what I am feeling.’’ He was hearing voices and screams in his head, the voices were wailing, their cries were devastating. The atmosphere around them was eerily quiet, there was no movement, Domitia had a smile on her face, she was glad she could make the young master achieve his objective, all that was remaining was to rescue the Master and prevent war with Avilius. Suddenly Antonius dropped, she hurried to his side, “Master, what you are feeling are the effects of the spell, it will not last for long.’’ As Antonius closed his eyes the voices grew louder as the rowan tree beside him was withering away, and the moon above him was turning black.

P.S. I know that the war with the Goths at Adrianople took place later than the one at Argentovaria but i changed it i hope you guys don't mind

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