Ancient Wars

It is a tale that follows the young roman emperor of the west, his secrets and desire to rule the whole of Rome, centuries later he arrives in Willow Creek, and chaos erupts.




“Your assignment is to write an essay which explains the events that lead to the collapse of the Byzantine Empire, and it has to be submitted in the next class’’ said Mr Perkins, the history teacher as he gathered his stuff and left the classroom, there were grunts and groans in the room as the students dispersed, “History sucks.’’ said Victoria. Victoria Jade Roswell was a senior and the queen bee of Willow Creek High, the daughter of business mogul Bartholomew Roswell and fashion designer Roxanne Roswell she was the envy of all, her beauty captivated everyone, she had kohl-black hair which plunged over her shoulders to compliment her glowing porcelain like skin, her bright emerald green eyes were framed by her long lashes, she had a full pouty lips which was every man’s dream, she had a straight nose and dimples which were pressed against her defined cheekbones, she was slim framed and of medium height. Victoria was walking down the hallways when a firm hand snaked its way through her waist, gasping in surprise, the stranger turned her and before she knew it, she was being kissed, knowing who it was she returned the affection, the pair were kissing passionately unbeknown to the third party beside them, a throat was cleared and the teenagers hurriedly detached themselves only to be met by the stern look on Mrs Gibson, “Behave yourselves, and stop acting like two aroused dogs on snow.’’ She said before walking past them. Victoria was blushing before she looked at her assailant, Luke had a goofy grin on his face, “Didn’t know that Mrs Gibson knew the slang, do you know what snow is Vic?’’ he said raising one of his brows. Victoria huffed and turned away before looking back at him, Luke was your typical jock, sandy blonde hair, athletic body, blue eyes, and handsome, they were dating for six months, what she loved about him was his charming attitude, and above all he was the mayor’s son. “I don’t, what is it?’’ She asked him while twirling her hair, she never bothered herself with knowing slang, and it was never her forte. Luke rolled his eyes before wrapping his arms around her slender waist and whispered in her ear, “Snow my dear is crack, and if you don’t know, crack is cocaine.’’ He said before looking at her, she had a cute ‘o’ look on her face and he couldn’t help himself and kissed her once again. “My dad is hosting a guest, some businessman, did you get the invite?’’ he asked her. Victoria nodded, “Yeah, I will see you tonight, wear something dapper.’’ She said to him, Victoria had a smirk on her face, she bit her lower lip before whispering in his ear, “Then later on I can show you my new set of lingerie.’’ Walking away from him, Victoria turned and blew him a kiss, Luke could have sworn that his pecker just twitched.

Antonius arrived at the Roswell hotel, with Domitia in tow, he left Domitia to handle the details and went to relax by the lounge, he arrived in this town to handle personal issues, and seal a business agreement. Domitia approached him, “Master we are set, the gentleman here shall escort us to our chambers.’’ She said. The porter looked at her strangely, while Antonius just smiled. They arrived upon their rooms, Antonius handed the young man a tip. Removing his coat, Antonius lay down on the bed, he looked at Domitia who was standing beside him, he tapped the space next to him, a gesture she complied and took her position next to him. “Domitia my dear there are some words you should cease to use, from now on don’t call me Master, people will take it as a sign of inferiority and oppression, just call me Sir.’’ He said turning to look at her she had an apologetic look on her face. “Why are we here Sir?’’ she asked. Antonius sighed before sitting, “It is called cooperate domination Domitia, and also Hephaestus told me that Zeus’s thunderbolt and Poseidon’s trident has been buried somewhere here, and once I acquire it, I will be invincible Domitia, a weapon that could only be rivaled by Zeus and Poseidon.’’ He said before standing and opened his bag, in a secret compartment he withdrew a weapon, Domitia gasped, “Is that the bident?’’ she asked. Antonius looked at her with a smirk, “Yes once I fuse this with the other two I will have the Spear of Triam, I had Hephaestus create this for me.’’ Domitia huffed in annoyance, “Why could he not just forge the other two for you instead of sending you to a wild chase.’’ Antonius just chuckled, “It took a lot of convincing from my part, you know this Olympians Domitia, they are all righteous.’’ Antonius returned the bident to its place, and started removing his shirt, Domitia sat there staring at him, and they have been inseparable for the last millennium and a half, ever since the death of Teresa, something broke inside him, he has never been the same, he has been distant, but she was there for him, “Do you know who we are going to meet?’’ she asked him. Antonius looked at her, “Yes, he goes by the name of Bartholomew Roswell, owner of this premise, we are dealing with cutthroat businessmen who will devour you at any chance they get, what they do not know is that we have been doing this for a long time, global domination for the past two centuries have never been about war but entrepreneurship, you may say why this town, I can give them what they do not have, diamond, gold, oil and other worldly riches, Domitia this place will be my kingdom, it may not be Rome but it will be mine, I need you to find a house that fits your King.’’ He said with a smirk.

The Chambers residence was crowded with high esteemed people, Prince’s Raspberry Beret was playing in the background, and Bartholomew Roswell was chatting with Richard Chambers, the mayor. Victoria was bored out of her mind she was wearing a black knee length cocktail dress, she had her hair in a pony tail, she wore a diamond and pink sapphire necklace around her slender neck and finished her attire with a black snakeskin pointed toe pump Alexander McQueen shoes. She saw Luke coming her way he was donned in grey slacks and a long sleeve black shirt and brown leather shoes. “Don’t you look ravishing.’’ He said as he pecked her on the cheek. “I am freaking bored, your guest has not yet arrived, and this shoes are killing me.’’ She moaned. Luke chuckled before leaning down to place a kiss on her lips, “Relax, maybe the guy likes to make an entrance, let me go ask my dad’’ he said, “Thank you.’’ She replied. Luke approached his dad, “Dad when is the guest arriving?’’ He asked. Mayor Richard chuckled at his son “Son he is not my guest but Bart’s I am just having the pleasure of hosting him for my dear friend, no worries son he will arrive soon.’’ Outside the residence, a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB Nart Spider parked in front the mansion. Antonius and Domitia made their way towards the entrance, before handing their invitation. They entered the mansion and Bartholomew approached them, “Mr Anthony, welcome and who is this lovely lady.’’ He asked. Antonius offered Bart a smile before answering, “This here is Lucretia, my confidant and personal assistant.’’ Domitia offered her hand which Bart took graciously, Richard approached them and he was taken back by the young man, “You are quiet young to be a business associate.’’ He said. Antonius smiled in return, people had been telling he was young to be this advanced in the business world but they knew nothing. “Age is a question of mind over matter if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.’’ Both Bart and Richard laughed, “Clever quoting Leroy Paige, have a drink and enjoy, the evening is in your honor.’’ Richard said. Victoria was wondering what was going on, her father and Mr Chambers were having some sort of fun with someone, his back was facing her, so she couldn’t make out his face. Luke came besides her “It seems he has arrived.’’ He said. Victoria looked at him “Finally! What is his name?’’ she asked. Luke just shrugged his shoulder indicating he had no idea. Bart and Richard approached them, that is when Victoria saw him, her breathe literally stopped, he was tall and dressed in a sleek black Armani suit completed with a bow tie which brought out his broad shoulders and physique, his dark hair was slicked back, he had a pale complexion and a sexy stubble while his cheekbones were defined and he had a concrete jaw, though what drew her in was his deep blue eyes, she was practically drooling. “I would like to introduce you to Mr Anthony Benedict our guest.’’ said Richard. Victoria was surprised, he looked young, “You flatter me Mr Chambers, I am the one who should offer gratitude for welcoming me to your humble house and town.’’ Antonius said, before looking over at Domitia. Luke and Victoria were just standing there staring at him. Antonius cleared his throat and raised his glass, “I would like to offer gratitude to Mr Chambers for hosting me, and Mr Roswell for granting me this opportunity, together we are going to build an empire.’’ He finished while the others saluted in unison, Antonius and Domitia exchanged a look before smiling.

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