My Brothers Best-Friend ∞ l.h. [ON HOLD]

"Luke, you're a nice guy but nothing can happen between us. Calum's your best friend and he's also my brother. It would just make things awkward for everyone."

Maybe Emily Hood was jumping to conclusions without even knowing what Luke was getting at, but she could tell he liked her. She might even like him too.

"So you like me?" Luke said with a smirk. She rolled my eyes and shook her head.

"That's not what I said."


38. chapter 38

An: sorry for the really long wait. Couldn't find inspiration. So I based this chapter on a song called Just One Day by BTS~ hope you like it.

Emily's POV

My gaze lands on the boy across the room. He's laughing at something his friend has said, his smile making my heart swell. When he finally notices me staring he playfully winks. I can feel my cheeks heating up from embarrassment.

I place my head in the palm of my hand, trying to listen to what the teacher was saying, but honestly my focus has been all over the place. After making up with Calum and heading to first period with the boys, my mind started going haywire.

Tomorrow will be the day that I watch Luke leave. Watch him living out his dreams, going from country to country. He'll wake up, go to a concert, and go to sleep again. He'll be living in such a different world that'll never make sense to try to keep us alive. If only I had just one day to figure out everything.

"Just one day won't be enough," I mutter to myself. I look back up and find Luke staring at me. His gaze his intense, his blue eyes piercing through my heart.

"I wonder if you're feeling the same way I'm feeling too."

Class ends and I quickly pack up silently. With books in hand, I run out of the classroom desperately trying to find a place to breath. A place were I can collect my thoughts.

"Emily!" His voice breaks through the loud and crowded hallways. I stop in my tracks and turn to see Luke. He's only a couple meters away but it feels to close for comfort.

"I need to be alone, Luke. Just for a minute." My voice cracks and my knuckles are turning white from how hard I'm gripping my text book.

"Did I do something wrong?" He asks. Luke steps forward and I step back. It's almost like a dance until my back hits a wall and Luke is so close that I can feel his breath against my face.

"Are you mad at me, Emi?" He cups my cheeks in his hands. His eyes bore into mine and I can't help but look somewhere else. Anywhere actually.

"Tell me what's wrong. I'll go crazy if you don't."

My heart breaks at his words. What's wrong with me? Why am I acting like this?

"Luke I—" I cut myself off because I don't know. I'm not even sure why my behaviour changed so suddenly.

Luke drops his hands. His eye twitches in annoyance and his cheeks turn red.

"I'm leaving tomorrow. If you don't wanna try then break up with me already. I can't keep reassuring you that we'll be okay. I'm not a psychic. I'm not god! I just know that I love you and I would do anything and I mean anything to be with you. You're not making it easy on me Emily. I just want us to be happy. That's all."

I can feel tears welling up in my eyes as I stare up at Luke. He's right. All this time he's been trying to reassure me that everything will be alright. Whenever I've been doubting if our relationship will last, Luke's been the one to keep me feeling secure. I'm so selfish for having negative thoughts and never thinking once about him.

"Luke, I'm sorry. I'm insecure and I didn't think that you'd feel that way." He looks away. "I should've asked you. I just wish we had"

"Just one day?" He finishes what I was going to say and I nod.

"I have so much to say. I just don't know how to say it. You're here in front of me but tomorrow you won't be. You'll be halfway across the world and I'll be here thinking that I've completely messed up everything. You're to good for me Luke. You could do better. I don't deserve yo—"

"Shut up and don't ever say those things again." He fiercely places his lips on mine and kisses me. My hands grip his shirt and it's like his taking my breath away.

"Don't be stupid Emily. I love you. I'Il always love you. You could never change my mind on that."

Luke brushed my cheek gently with his thumb. "I love you too."

*short I know. I'm a little confused on how I should write the next few chapters. Comment if you'd like to help write the next chapter with me :)*

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