My Brothers Best-Friend ∞ l.h. [ON HOLD]

"Luke, you're a nice guy but nothing can happen between us. Calum's your best friend and he's also my brother. It would just make things awkward for everyone."

Maybe Emily Hood was jumping to conclusions without even knowing what Luke was getting at, but she could tell he liked her. She might even like him too.

"So you like me?" Luke said with a smirk. She rolled my eyes and shook her head.

"That's not what I said."


37. chapter 37

Luke's POV

I open my eyes the next morning to find myself still pressed against Emily's back. Her long hair lay across the white pillow. I sigh in relief and breath in the sweet scent of her hair.

To say that I wasn't worried about Emily was an understatement. This tour couldn't have come at a worst time. Part of me is extremely excited to go on tour. Finally everything I've ever wanted from my career as a serious artist is coming true. But a part of me can't feel terrible for abandoning her. I love her. And I love what I do.

Emily slurs in her sleep and rolls over to face me. It shocks me how comfortable she's being with me.

I stare at her face and a small smile appears on my lips. She's really beautiful when she's asleep. The way her lips part slightly as she breaths through her nose and out of her mouth. Her button nose scrunches up a little making me laugh.

"What's so funny?" Her voice startles me and I pull away slightly.

"Luke, were you staring?" Emily looks at me with a questioning look and raises a brow. I grin. "I can't help it."

Emily blushes and hides her face against the pillows. "Ugh! You're so embarrassing."

I laugh and gently run my fingers through her hair. "Yeah, but you love it."

She looks at me with a smile. "I'm glad you stayed Luke."

"Me too."

Emily cuddles into my chest and sighs. "How am I supposed to let you go, hmm?"

I pull her closer to me. "We'll make it work. I promise."


Emily's POV

We'll make it work.

Although Luke sounded sincere my conscience was telling me negative theories. I hate thinking like this. I want to trust that Luke will be faithful to me and us, but at the same time, what am I getting my hopes up for? In a couple of years Luke and I will forget each other ever existed and we'll be happy.

"What're you thinking about?" Luke asks gently. He brushes my hair off my face as he waits for me to answer.

"Everything I guess. Me, you, this tour that'll pull us apart."

A sigh escapes my lips. I can't help but look away.

"Are you unsure about us?" He's careful with what he's saying. He bits his lower lip in anticipation.

"Yes, but not because I feel any different about you Luke. I still love you but this tour—"

He cuts me off with a sweet kiss. It catches me off guard because it was so sudden but I don't mind and lean in letting the feeling consume me.

"Don't think like that," he says as his lips still linger on mine. "You're the best thing that has ever happened to me and I won't let you go without a fight. Now this tour will be hard of course. If you can't take being apart then I'll understand. But you can't stop me when I come running back to you. You'll always be mine."

My eyes start to sting and I can't help but smile sadly. His words mean so much to me. I'm really a lucky girl."When did you become such a cheesy guy, hmm?"

Luke chuckles and places his forehead against mine.

"Ever since I fell for you."

I laugh and push him playfully. With a exaggerated sigh I try to get off my bed but Luke pulls back into his chest.

"Luke we have get up. I have school remember." I roll my eyes whilst trying o pry his hands off my waist but it's futile. Luke laughs softly into my ear and I suddenly soften up. His laugh is so sweet.

"Don't you wanna cuddle with me?" He pouts a little.

"Of course I do—"

"Perfect! I'm glad you see it my way." Luke grins wildly as he attacks me in a tight hug. His embrace is nice and warm. I'd love to stay with him a couple extra hours but I can't afford to stay home especially when I'll be leaving soon.

"Lukeeee." I whine. Luke laughs and suddenly let's me go. "Fine, I guess that'll be enough for now. Don't want you to be late."

He slaps my butt playfully and I huff in annoyance. "What am I gonna do with you?"

"I don't know just love me?"


He laughs. "Okay I'll get up, but first," Luke grins evilly before grabbing my waist and pinning me on the mattress. The act was so sudden that I lay on my bed in shock staring at Luke's slightly suggestive face. He winks at me before fiercely placing his lips on mine in a passionate kiss.

The sudden shock dissolves as I wrap my arms around his neck and place my fingers through his golden locks.

I can feel the kiss intensify as Luke licks on my bottom lip. With a sigh I open my mouth and let him kiss me even more.

The kiss is overwhelming. We usually don't kiss like this but it feels nice and I don't mind.

"Luke.." I trail off breathlessly.

"Yes?" He pecks me several times just to tease me.


"Emily, what's taking you so long?" The door bursts open to reveal my brother Calum. He stares with his mouth agape, eyes wide.

"What the fuck are you doing with my sister?" His voice booms. I quickly push Luke off of my small frame and fix my shirt that I hadn't notice that Luke hand his hand in.

"C-Calum, just calm down alright. It was nothing—"

"Don't tell me that was nothing, okay!"

I roll my eyes and get up. Calum's face was bright red with fury as he glared at Luke. Luke awkwardly rubs the back of his neck, a little amusement in his eyes.

I growl. "This isn't funny." I jab him in the stomach and he burst out laughing.


"You should've seen his face. He was fuming." Luke's laughs as he recalls the events back to Ashton and Michael as we walk to our English class.

"Luke, why are you telling them this?" I spat, angry but nonetheless embarrassed. He places his arm over my shoulders and grins down on me.

"What? It's just Ash and Mikey." I roll my eyes and pull away.

"This is so embarrassing. I'm gonna find Cal and apologize. He looked really mad."

I run off to find my brother. I assume he'd be outside but as I pass the music room I hear a familiar voice.

I poke my head in to see Calum sitting with back towards me. He has a acoustic guitar in his arms. He strums the instrument to a particular tune as he bobs his head, occasionally writing down notes in his book.

"That sounds beautiful." I cover my mouth in shock. Calum turns to me and rolls his eyes.

"What're you doing in here?" He groans.

I bit my lip. Was he really that upset?

"Just wanted to check on you. And about this morning..." I am too embarrassed to finish my sentence and let my gaze drop to the floor.

"I'm sorry, what about this morning?" He sarcastically says. Now it was my turn to roll my eyes.

"Calum, why're so mad?" I take a seat next to my twin and ask. He blinks a few times at me and sighs.

"I guess I'm just worried for you. That's what brothers are for." He places his guitar in a stand next to him and looks back up.

I furrow my eyebrows. "Worried? But why?"

"Well for starters, you guys were practicing having sex. No one needs to see their sibling—especially their own twin—and best friend dry humping each other. Just gross–ow!" Cal lets out a yelp as once my fist hits his shoulder.

"Why'd you punch me?" He whines.

"Luke and I weren't having sex or dry humping, you idiot!"

He groans. "Well that's what it looked like to me!"

I sigh, "You're hopeless."

A small grin appears on Calum's face and he suddenly laughs. "I'm hopeless but I can't help but to be overprotective of you. You're still my twin sister, remember?"

I nod. "Yeah, shouldn't I worry about you though. I'm the older one, remember?"

"3 minutes doesn't make you older!" He barks.

I chuckle. "In my books it does."

He rolls his eyes. "It was still gross."

I slap him. "Shut it Calum."

a/n: long awaited update. Hope you like it

Pls don't kill me. I suck at updating :/

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