My Brothers Best-Friend ∞ l.h. [ON HOLD]

"Luke, you're a nice guy but nothing can happen between us. Calum's your best friend and he's also my brother. It would just make things awkward for everyone."

Maybe Emily Hood was jumping to conclusions without even knowing what Luke was getting at, but she could tell he liked her. She might even like him too.

"So you like me?" Luke said with a smirk. She rolled my eyes and shook her head.

"That's not what I said."


26. chapter 26

Emily’s POV

“Emily, they’re here! C’mon!” I heard Cal’ voice say from the bottom of the stairs. I quickly scrambled off my bed and headed to the front door before grabbing my jacket from the closet. When I got to Ashton’ car, which was one of those old hooniverse wagons, it couldn’t have been more awkward. Since Ash was driving, Michael was in the front so Calum and Luke were in the middle.

“Here Emily, you can sit in the middle since you’re smaller, but we’ll move around when we get our other friends.” Calum moves over whilst pushing me against Luke. I mumbled a quick sorry before brushing my messy hair out of my face.

“What other friends?” I ask.

“They don’t go to our school.” Michael pipes up. He gives me a grin before continuing his conversation with Ash.

“So, what are these friends like?”

“Well,” Ashton starts, “we’ve known them for a while now. I think you’ll actually really like them.” He tells me.

I nod my head. Didn’t really answer my question, but whatever. I rest my head on someone’s shoulder and close my eyes. I was actually quite tired and didn’t realize it wasn’t Calum’ shoulder. My eyes widen as I pull away from him.

“Sorry.” I cough awkwardly. Luke gives me a small smile before telling me it was no big deal.

The car stops and Calum and Mikey get out and walk over to the house. I watch through the window and see 3 girls come out from the home. The first girl had bright red hair, the second blond and the third was brunette.

They all got into the back and I turned around to introduce myself.

“Hey, I’m Emily.” The girls smiled and gave me a wave.

“Hi, I’m Charlotte, this is Spencer, and that’s Megan.”

We started talking about random stuff and I found out we had a lot of things in common.

“So, how’s life back in Australia?” Megan asks.

“It’s good. It feels like I’ve never left to be honest.”

“And you’re never leaving.” Calum wraps is arms and me. I laugh and so do the girls.

“Aw, Calum. I wish I had a brother!” Spencer gushes. We continue our conversation until Ashton stops driving. I look out to see we’re at an abandoned parking lot.

“Ashton, really?” Spencer says, getting out of the car. “Why are we at the abandoned store?”

Ashton shrugs and walks over the fence and gives it a good shake. “We always used to come here. Don’t ruin the moment.” Ashton climbs the lengths of the fence and jumps over the edge.

I stare at him oddly before going over to the fence door and opening it.

“Wait, how’d you do that?” Ashton exclaims. I raise a brow. “I pretty sure the fence door is used for people to go through it.” I laugh. The rest of the group comes through the door whilst Ashton mutters cuss words under his breath and walks away.

“Who wants to go first?” Michael screams. He runs for one of the shopping carts and gets in.

“Girls vs guys?” Charlotte says while telling Megan to get in. we all line up and the race begins with Megan and Michael.

“Go girls!” Spencer cheers and I can’t but laugh.

“Hey, what about Michael and Cal? Cheer for them too!” Ashton says as he gets ready to get into the shopping cart.

“Emily. It’s your turn alright.” Spencer tells me once the girls get back. We help Megan out and I swiftly get in.

“Oh my god! Slow down.” Spencer doesn’t hear me over all the noise. At the end of the parking lot is a turn and my shopping cart crashes into Ashtons.

“Em, are you okay?” Ash says clearly in shock. He gets out and Luke walks over to me and helps me out.

“Emily, do you need to sit down?” Luke stares into my eyes but I shake my head and pull away from him.

“Guys, I’m fine, really.”

“Emily, we heard the crash. Is everything alright?” Calum pulls me into a hug. “Spencer you should’ve slowed down.”

I try not to roll my eyes. “Cal, you’re being way too over protective. Calm down.”

“Emily, I’m really sorry.” Spencer mumbles. I give her a hug and reassure everyone that I was perfectly okay.

We started our walk back to Ashton’ car. I looked over my shoulder to see Luke walking only a couple feet away.

“Emily, wait up.” Luke turns me around so we are face to face. The others are close to the car so the probably won’t hear us.

“Can we talk, just you and me?”

It’s really hard to ignore Luke. It’s like it’s eating away at me whenever I push him away. I know it’s hurting him but how else am I gonna set him free to live out his dreams?

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Luke.” I tell him. I try not to look in his eyes or else I might give into him. They’re like my weakness and I can’t help but fall for him even more when I look into those ocean blue eyes.

“Why not? Isn’t this what you wanted? For me to trust you again?”

“Yes, of course, but things change.”

Luke shakes his head. I feel so bad at this point. I don’t know what to do with myself.

“What changed?”


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