My Brothers Best-Friend ∞ l.h. [ON HOLD]

"Luke, you're a nice guy but nothing can happen between us. Calum's your best friend and he's also my brother. It would just make things awkward for everyone."

Maybe Emily Hood was jumping to conclusions without even knowing what Luke was getting at, but she could tell he liked her. She might even like him too.

"So you like me?" Luke said with a smirk. She rolled my eyes and shook her head.

"That's not what I said."


25. chapter 25

Emily's POV

I was lying on my bed, earphones plugged into my ear. After everything that's been going on the last couple of days I just really needed some alone time to think.

When Luke and the rest of the boys left I decided not to go downstairs. I didn't want to be harassed by my brother. He already knew Luke had come up to see me.

It's hard to comprehend what had happened only half an hour ago. So many things were running through my mind. When Luke came into my room I wanted to put my feels towards him behind us. What I said yesterday embarrassed me to the core. I thought I could never look at him again. But when he came in today everything changed.

How could I not fall for Luke? He's funny, good-hearted, very talented and extremely caring. I don't even want to explain how attractive he is. That'll just make me feel worse.

I never expected what he was going to tell me. He just said it and I'm still in shock. I feel bad. When he told me how he felt I didn't know what to say. You'd think I'd be ecstatic. That'd I'd jump into his arms and say it right back. I didn't. I just sat there in pure shock.

I wanna make it up to him. Maybe go over to his house and surprise him. Tell him how sorry I am and that I really do care about him. I want to, but I stay still and don't move. I can't find it in me to go and tell him. Not after the letter I got in the mail.

There was a knock at the door making me look up quickly. Calum stood in the doorway. He gave me a wave before asking if he could come in.

"Hey. What's going on?" I ask with a fake smile. Calum takes a seat beside me and stares at me with interest.

"Nothing much. I was wondering if you wanted to come hang out with me and the boys."

I pick at my nails nervously. 'The boys' as in Ash, Mikey and Luke. I don't know if that's such a good idea.

"I just don't feel up for it Cal. Maybe a another time."

Calum sighs, playing with his fingers absentmindedly.

"Well, I don't think there will be much more opportunities for another time." He tells me.

I raise a brow. "Why? What do you mean?"

"The boys and I are going on tour with 1D. We're opening for them."

My eyes widen and a grin immediately plasters on my face. "You're going on a real tour? With One Direction? Calum in so proud of you!"

I pull him into my arms and give him a tight hug. He hugs me back with a chuckle.

"Thanks Em. So will you come hang with us?" He asks again. I laugh as he gives me puppy dog eyes. I nod.

"Good. I'll call the boys and tell them." He gets up and walks to the door. "Quick question. Are you and Luke back together?"

I shake my head. "No."

Now that I know about the tour Luke and I won't have a chance ever again.

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