My Brothers Best-Friend ∞ l.h. [ON HOLD]

"Luke, you're a nice guy but nothing can happen between us. Calum's your best friend and he's also my brother. It would just make things awkward for everyone."

Maybe Emily Hood was jumping to conclusions without even knowing what Luke was getting at, but she could tell he liked her. She might even like him too.

"So you like me?" Luke said with a smirk. She rolled my eyes and shook her head.

"That's not what I said."


20. chapter 20

Calum's POV

I'm stuck between the two most important people in my life. Emily, my twin sister that I've known all my life. The person I can go to when I need advice. The only girl I know that will never judge me for who I am. Then there's Luke. He's been my best-friend since kindergarten and I know I can trust him with my life. He's always around to cheer me up when I'm feeling down. We've had so many good memories and I'm so glad that we can enjoy music together.

How can my two favorite people be at odds?

"What are we gonna do?" I had met up with Ash and Michael after school to talk. Ever since the incident in the auditorium Luke and Emily have been ignoring me.  It's like they want me to pick sides. How can I? Emily's my sister and I can't live without her. And Luke is my best-friend. The brother I never had. I can't just abandon him even for my sister.

"I don't know man." Ashton replies. "I didn't except that to happen. We just wrote that song for fun. I didn't think 'Independence day' applied to any of us."

"He's mad, isn't he." Michael states as he takes a drink from his soda can. Luke's never ignored me like this before. I've never seen him act like this either. I just hope he'll get over this and talk to me.

"Ya. He's mad. I think they want me to pick sides. I can't do that guys. Not to the both of them."

We need a plan. One that'll make it look like each of them are saying sorry to one another." Ashton explains. "I guess that could work." I say. "You guys should come over so we can figure out the details." He adds.


Emily's POV

What was I supposed to do in that moment? In front of everyone in our grade? I’m pissed that’s for sure, but I can’t help but feel bad. I still guilty for hurting Luke. He never deserved what I did to him.

I’m trying my best to be okay with what happened today but my feelings are too strong for Luke. I like him way too much for me not to give this another try. I can’t just push away the fact that he may actually love me too.

After heading home after what had happened at school, I just wanted to relax in bed and watch Disney movies on my laptop. You would think a teenage girl would have better things to do, but I don’t.

As the movie started to load, I decided to log into Facebook. I hadn't been on in a while but once I was on I soon regretted it. Everyone was talking about what happened today. People were on my wall saying that I deserved what happened and that Luke hated. I couldn't take it.

The lies, or the truth. It was all just too much.

I wanted to log off but my eye caught a status. Someone was having a house party and was inviting everyone. Maybe this could be my getaway. My way of forgetting about what happened today.

I quickly get dressed in a black crop top, white shorts and my white converse. Ten minutes later, I’m out the door. I feel nervous and a bit anxious. What of Luke’s there? The last thing I need is another altercation with my now ex-boyfriend in front of our classmates.

I get to the party to find that Calum, Michael and Ashton are already there. They’re sitting with a bunch of other girls so I decide not to go over there. I haven’t spoken to Cal since today at school. I’m a little mad at him. He could’ve given me a heads up about Luke and the song. He’s supposed to be on my side not Luke’s.           

I make it to the kitchen and grab the first drink that I see. It’s quite strong but I couldn't care less. Tonight was all about me forgetting my mistakes.

After about the third drink I decided to head over to the dance floor. If I was sober I wouldn't have walked into the room but right now I’m not thinking straight.

My mind is racing as I dance with random people and then my eyes lock on someone only a couple feet away. He’s dancing with a blond haired girl and it feels like my stomach has dropped fifty feet.

It’s Luke.

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