Calum .

Olivia was a new freshie
but when she get attention at school, she had attracted the wrong person.
Calum Hood is the bad boy at the school
he had made an attraction on - Olivia

what will happen ? read the book to find out .


1. Meeting Calum .



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Half A Heart


" Love is an curse at times - but could sometimes bring the best or worst in people , but that's how love works. But love has it little tricks .. It's know if you truly love someone when you think constally about that someone and it takes part of your heart and rips it ... love is deadly thing to be in .. Just be ready for the pain"

- unknown


I wake up to the sound of mom screaming to get up and that's it my first day of high school but it not just an ordinary first day .... it's my first day of hell for next 4 years - which is a lot if you asked me .

"Alright mom I'm up ! " I yelled and she throws the blanket off of me.

"Hurry on now , you don't wanna be late freshie " my mom tells me - wait did she just call me a freshie ? oh my god my mom still swears she is cool. I jump out of bed and hit the shower - I used my brand new peppermint shampoo and conditioner ( which by the way smells really good ) and since I'm a high schooler I have to take the deal on shaving seriously so I decided to shave my leg hair so that its was nice and smooth.

I hop out the shower and grab my two towels and placed the big one on my nude body and the other one around my long black hair but I then start to dance around in it cause it makes me look like an egyptian when I took it out , it turn out so pretty making it all wavy and curly so I just left it like that.

I put on my underwear and black bra - then I grabbed my white cropped tee along with my black high waisted jeans with my black vans ; those were my favorites out of all my shoes and I grabbed my book bag and headed downstairs to the table - but then I came to see saw a bunch of bacon on the table within that seconds I felt joy not only to my belly but my heart ...

" BACONNN ! " I yelled while running up to the plate and grabbing a few bacon slices and eating it - I then saw my older brother coming down looking at me with crazy eyes.

" What in the world is wrong with you ?" he asked while I was stuffing the fourth bacon slice into my mouth.

" Nothing Luke , you know how I am around food - I just get hype up and happy ... it's like food is the only thing to cure my happiness " I say while staring at the bacon slice in my face.

" Yeah ... you say that now watch you become a whale " I hit him in arm hard and watch him fall a little.

" So are you just keep eating your happiness away or are we going to school freshie ? " He says with a smirk

" I swear if anybody calls me that again - I will get violent " I say with a straight face and I grabbed a few more bacon before headed out the door

"BYE MOM ! " we both yelled and we both got into the car and we were of to school.

I sit in the car just staring out the window trying to block out my brother as he is jamming to the 1975 album and singing like he has no sense of hearing anymore - I hate being at a new school cause I have to learn people names again and then the cliques in high school and especially the gpa I have to do to get into good colleges ... High school is too much pressure but , hey when I go to college I don't have to worry about fitting in anymore - it's just gonna be me and my roommate ( probably ) and just my lazy butt ; but especially cause I'm gonna be miles from home and never to returned .... Well besides holidays.

We parked into the school parking lot and as soon as the car was turned off Luke had determined the rules of us being at the same high school

" Okay number 1 don't talk to me unless your in trouble

Number 2 if you need any help text me and I'll come

Number 3 don't tell anyone you are my sister cause they will soon start to do things to you and the freshies and I don't wanna be part of that

Number 4 wave and mouth hi - if I am caught talking to a freshie I loose my cool

Number 5 if anybody asks why I drive you to school just say cause I'm your neighbor and you don't have a ride to school alright ? " I nod my head and I give him a pound.

" Alright kid , kill this first day of school" he smiles and kiss my head and we both get out of the car. I see Luke go in another direction and I go towards the entrance - already I could already see the cliques ... The jocks , the cheers , the emos , the populars ( my brother part of that ) , the hippes , and then the most famous one of all the bad boys . I can't help but stare at there arms with all that tattoos and piercings - how could they do that to there body .. didn't they hurt ? god I can't picture myself getting any of those ; I'll be crying like there no tomorrow.

But as I was staring at there arms - I looked up to see one of them staring at me with a smirk in there face ; he had black hair that swayed to the side and he had these light brown eyes that lit up and he was making he was towards me with his friends but I couldn't help but get scared a little bit and walk inside but I turned around to see him still looking at me and then winked and bit his big rosy lips.

I go to my locker that I was assigned and placed my book bag into the locker along with my sweater and took out my notebook - along with my black pen and I begin to head to my first class History ; I always hated that subject.

I walked inside the class and see some new students and others are probably 10 , 11 , or 12 graders - I take my seat next to this guy that looked kinda like David Beckham but he kinda looked better than him.

" Hey my name is Liam Payne , are you new here ? " he asks me and I nod my head and smiled .

" My name is Olivia Hemmings" I say and rocked my head back an forth and he just smiles at me again. Damn that smile is fucking killing me ...

" I could show you around if you want ?" he offers me and nod my head again to his question - why do I keep on nodding my head I need to speak it kinda what high school is about ... interaction. The class begun and I stop looking at Liam and stare at my new history teacher for the next 10 months and my teacher looked very young like in his mid 20's or something.

" Hello class , for those who are new to my class my name is Mr.Retamar and I'll be your history through out the 9 and 10 grade " he says and smiles at us - great another guy with a beautiful ass smile . We begin to start our new assignment which was to write an 1 page essay on your favorite time in history and I already had my favorite I say the 80s - in my opinion I though that the 80s were the best generation in all of the generations.

Class was over and Liam decided to

walk me to my locker and he was just telling me about how Highland high school is just like other high schools - which means it's just a plain high school. I begin to like this school a little and plus I thought that this school wasn't really that bad and that being a freshie could end up in either happiness or torture and I was on my path of being a someone.

But as me and Liam were talking the bell had rung and it was time to head to my other class which was - ELA and he had told me that it was down the stairs and last door on the right I wave bye to him as he made his way to his other class and by the time you know it I was the only one left in the hallway and it was silence.

As soon as I close my locker - I see the same boy that was looking at me earlier and wow his tattoos look even more cooler in person and the piercing looks cool also but kinda scary. He stands with the same smirk on his face and looking at me as if I was cara delevinge

" Are you gonna stare at me all day or are you gonna say something ?" I asked him and began to walk down down the hall and I could feel him following me.

" I'm sorry it's just that I don't see sexy chicks like you everyday " he says and stands in front I couldn't help but laugh ...

" Haha is that all you got ? wow your pathetic " I say and smile and he stands in front of me again and stares.

" Can you please stop staring at me ? cause it's kinda weird and creepy " I say to him and pushed him out of my way and I begin to walk down the the stairs and I feel him grab my arm and turn me towards him and we meet through the eyes.

" Listen why won't we just settle this eye contact with you and me in my garage probably me banging you so hard that it will make you come back for more " he says into my ear and I couldn't help but shiver a little bit as his breathe just took control of my body.

I grab him and places my arms around his shoulders and glance at him " I will like that but you see I don't like punks who think they could get pussy whenever they want and that also think that I'm an easy target cause I'm a freshie and you obviously think that I will give it up to you just like a snap of a finger - well you boy you must of thought wrong " I say while smirking at him and changing that into a straight face.

"What's your name ?" He asks me as I walked down the stairs.

"Why do you wanna know ? " I say and continue to make my way down the stairs.

" Your something ... " He says and I turned around to look at him

" Really ? I am .... I hate to say this too but your something too " I say and make a step up to him.

"Really ? What am I ? " He bit his lip and grabbed my waist .

I go into his ear and whispered :

" An attention seeking manhore " I go back down the stairs and make my way on the second floor .

" I'll see you around then babe ? " He says while staring at me as I walked down the 2nd floor hallway

" You call me that again - I'll make sure it not my brother that's beating your ass" I yelled with the most bitchy tone.

I don't even know this boy but I could tell that he the one to look out for and - plus who is he thinking that I'll give up my vigrinity to boy who thinks he is bad ass with all his tattoos and piercings and also who thinks he could have all the girls in world by just his smile and big red lips .... This is the most I ever hate someone in my life besides my brother - but we really had one of those love/hate relationships.

I walked into class and all eyes were on me - dammit I was late for class.


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