His Sister


3. The Rescue

I finally make it to Mystic Falls. This place looks different. The old church has been turned into the mayors house. As I drive I see our house. It's right were I left it. As I walked into my house I feel someone stake me.

"Oh it just you." I here Rebecka say.

"Nice to see you too sister." She unstakes me and brings me into a hug. I was actually excited to see her.

"Were is Elijah?" I ask.

"I'm right here." Elijah says. I run to him and give him a hug. Then I remember what I had come here for.

"So who took Klaus?" I said.

"The Salvetore brothers." Elijah said.

"Can we go and find them?" I said and they nodded. Rebecka took me by the hand and we ran at vampire speed to the house. I felt a magical shield around the house. I did a spell so I could enter without having to be invited in.

Once I entered I could smell a human. I followed the sent to a girl with big brown eyes and brown hair sitting on the sofa by the fire. I made the fire rise even higher with a spell. She instantly noticed that I was there.

"Who are you?" She said scared.

"Why I'm Marcelina. I'm Klaus's twin." I said with a smirk on my face.

"Klaus has a twin?"

"Yes darling he does. I'd like to know were the Salvetore brothers are."


"What's going on Elana!?" Stephan said. He looked so different. Yes I new Stephan because he lived in New Orleans for quit a while. If you're thinking that Stephan and I had fallen in love it's true. When I met him in 1912. About 100 years ago.

"Nice to see you again. It's been a while." I said smiling.

"What are you doing here Marcelina?" Stephan said.

"Well I heard that you and Damon have taken my big brother and thought why not help get him back. So were is he?"

"Why would we tell you were he is?"

"Well would you like your little girlfriend to know about our little fun in the 20s or would want her to be dead in seconds?"

"If you hurt her I will......"

"You will what Stephan? I kindve can't be killed."

"Fine I'll give you Klaus if you leave town."

"Sure why not I've barely been here and I've revived crap."

"Let me get Klaus."

As he went to get Klaus I invaded Damon's rum collection. Elana just sat on the couch watching me. I wanted to sink my teeth into her neck and kill her for "loving" Stephan.

"Marci you shouldn't think like that. Stephan might get mad." I heard Damon say.

"Nice to see you too." I said.

As I heard him say that I heard a familiar voice say my name. KLAUS!!

"Brother let's go."

"How did you make them let me go?" Klaus said.

"I brought back some memories to Stephan and Damon that Elana shouldn't know about." I said while we walked out the door.

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