His Sister


2. the beginning

I was at my house doing the laundry when I got a phone call from someone.

"Hello?" I said.

"Marcelina it's Elijah!" He said.

"OH my gosh. How are you?"

"Great but you need to come back home."

"But I am home!"

"Well Klaus has been kidnapped and he needs our helps."

"Okay. I should be there in about two days." I know that it's weird to just give in like that but it's my twin brother and he needs my help.

I vampire speed to pack my things and I finish my laundry. I compell someone to watch my house. I have to leave by sun down because the witches here aren't very nice to the vampires and werewolves here. I could be punished and I don't want that to happen.

I leave right at 6 o'clock. I have to speed down the street so I don't get caught and I make it. Yeah me.

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