My Life at Ouran Highschool



1. Prologue

Hey. I'm Minako Akai. I have one sister with me and one missing sister. I'm fun, happy, and annoying...but that doesn't really matter. Apparently, before my parents died, they enrolled me and my sister,Ari, into the Ouran Public School. We had a year there, but we hadn't found out we still had enough to get in the HIGH SCHOOL! We were so excited, but we still wanted to find our unknown sister. We might not ever find her.

I was freaking out the night we had our first day. "OH MY GOSH ARI!!"I screamed. "I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO WEARR!!!!!!!". "Mina! You do know we're supposed to wear UNIFORM, right?"Ari had told me. Oops. I forgot. "Well you got YOUR uniform?" "Yeah and I have yours" wait... How do I remember that....? "Sis! Stop snooping in my closet!" I screamed. I seriously hate it when she does that. "Well,you wanna try it on or not?" "COURSE I WANT TO! I HAVE TO!",I said..or screamed. I lose my mind on the first day of school. I had to make a good impression! Ari rolled her eyes , looked into her closet, and took the nice, yellow dress and gave it to me.

I tried it on. It looked really nice and it was comfortable too. In case you don't know how it looks like, it's a yellow dress with a white collar and a red bow. But there's a reason why I'm not wearing that on the cover of this story.. "We can't keep it." Ari said. "WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?" Ever since I was in middle school, I really wanted to wear Ouran's high school uniform, but noooooo. Miss "In charge of me and our 'to be found' sister". "I actually have something you'd describe as...cute."


This outfit was about ten times cuter than the Ouran uniform. In case you're picture blind, I'll describe the uniform. The uniform is a white shirt (with collar) and a cute tie that matches a supercute skirt. In other words. this outfit is highly adorable and perfect for a brand-new highschooler. "Oh...My...God..."I managed to say. I was so speechless as I looked at the mirror.  "Well?" Ari asked. "You like it?". "No" I said. It was much more than that simple understatement. "I LOVE IT!!!!!"I screamed as I hugged her pretty tightly. To the juniors, Im mostly known for hugging pretty tightly or strangling, so my sis told me to cut it out. 


"It actually looks pretty good,Minako" sis told me. I actually started wondering if this was ok to wear. Usually they only let people wear the uniforms and the teachers wear really fancy suits.  But I remembered sis told me that really smart commoners or people who couldn't afford didn't have to, as long as we had everyday uniform. 

I looked at myself one more time before I went into my room to hang it. This year, I'll be different. This year, I'll be part of Ouran Highschool 




Hey Im new here, so don't judge if I made grammatical mistakes. This is my first fanfic, but this is only the prologue. The real story is when Minako meets the Host Club ((SPOILER ALERT!!!)). I might make my Fruits Basket Fanfic ((I actually made it, I just gotta copy it)) and possibly InuYasha. I take requests and I dont own the cover, just the story :) Happy Friday and I'll see ya next time



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