Raped by harry styles

About Kate and Lilly starting a new year of school and she ends up being friends with harry and his gang but gets into a position where harry raped her


1. morning

Ok so I'm sleeping and then my annoying alarm was ringing letting me know it was time to get up so I turned it off and got up and jumped into the shower. When I got out I walked back to my room to pick out the perfect outfit. I chose to wear a pink tank with blue jeans with a black sweater and brown boot then I headed down stairs. I walked down and had breakfast then got into my car and got a text from my friend Lilly to come pic her up so I said ok and drove to her house to pick her up then on our way to school. Since it was the first day I was excite but nervous I didn't know anything I didn't know what are teachers would be like. But as I picked up my Friend Lilly we drove to school. Lilly was wearing a mini skirt and a blue tank. Then before we knew it we were in the parking lot of our new school.

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