Raped by harry styles

About Kate and Lilly starting a new year of school and she ends up being friends with harry and his gang but gets into a position where harry raped her


3. meeting the boys

When we got to math harry and his gang was already there before me and Lilly and shooked his Hand and said he saved us a seat. Then he introduced me to his gang. He said Kate this is zayn,Niall, Louis, and Liam.i said. Nice to meet you and they all said nice to meet u too. I said this is Lilly my Friend they all said hi. Then the math teacher came in and told us to get settled. So we did then 20mintues passed and class was over .it was the end of the day and harry aske did I wanted to come to his place I said sure but I aske Lilly if she wanted to come but she couldn't so I said let's go I offered to drive so we got into my car and drove to Harry's home. When we got there I said wow your house is big they said thanks and we walked inside. We all say in the living room . Then I walked up stair and then I heard a knocked u walked out and saw harry .

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