Raped by harry styles

About Kate and Lilly starting a new year of school and she ends up being friends with harry and his gang but gets into a position where harry raped her


2. during school

Me and Lilly got our schedules and walked to our lockers. We put in our combinations and open our locker there were really big so we could fit everything just fine. When the school bell rang we all went to our homeroom. Me and Lilly had the same teacher so it was good that already know someone in my class. Then we took are seats and then 5 boys walked by me and winked at me. The cute one that winked at me had brown curly hair, anyway the teacher came in and we all took are seats. She said hello my name is mrs. Amanda and welcome to a new year of school. We all cheered and we talked to each other until it was time to go to are first class. Then someone tapped on my shoulder I look around and the cute curly boy smiles at me and introduce him self he said his name was harry. He asked me what my name was and I said Kate. He said that is such a pretty name for a pretty girl I said thanks and blushed really hard I think he could tell and he laughed. He asked me what I had first I said math and he said same and so does my other friends and I said cool. Harry said maybe do u want to sit with us I said sure and with that the bell rang and we walked to our class

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