Raped by harry styles

About Kate and Lilly starting a new year of school and she ends up being friends with harry and his gang but gets into a position where harry raped her


4. did he rape me

Then when u saw harry he took me into his room and locked the door. Then he stared to undress me and then he undress himself until both of us were completely naked and he pushed me on the bed then started to give me love bites. I mined and growned as he hit me. Then he got of of me and he got dressed and walked down stairs. Then zayn went up because he heard me crying. He said shush then asked me why I was crying I said because harry raped me. Then zayn sat next to me and hugged me. Then he took off all of his cloths and layers next to me then I kissed zayn and his lips were really soft.i told him they were he said yours too we both said thanks. Then I got on top of zayn still kissing him not braking the kiss then me and zayn ended up making out

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