Best Friends.... (12+)

this story is about Harry, he meets a girl and yeah...inappropriate


4. Texting Day..

-Harry's P.O.V.-

I'm quite happy that i didn't have to cope with Annabeth. i mean, she let me chase after the girl of my dreams... although she seems familiar to me.. But i better text her 

Harry: Hey Val <3

Valerie: Hey Harry, sorry i haven't replied 

Harry: No prob babe x (;

Valerie: sheesh what's up with you Mr. Styles? 

Harry: I broke up with Annabeth..

Valerie: What why?

Harry: Don't pretend that you dont know why.

Valerie: Seriously?

Harry: i've seen the way you look at me with Annabeth, Val..

Valerie: Fine you caught me x

Harry: What bout my place at 6?

Valerie: Sure, what street?

Harry: Lexington Dr. 4532 

Valerie: See you there then

Harry: Bye babe

This was going to be the best day ever...


still going just wait....

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