Best Friends.... (12+)

this story is about Harry, he meets a girl and yeah...inappropriate


5. Naughty Harry

-Valerie's P.O.V.-

Harry asked me to come over, i don't know why? hmm... maybe he needs help in homework?

Anyways, i knocked on his door and there he was, shirtless with a pair of gym shorts.. WOW..

I'm pretty sure he caught me starring because he brought me inside the house.

-Harry's P.O.V.-

I asked her if she wanted some orange juice? She replied no. Perfect. I had a naughty kinda plan in my head, what if we have sex... is it too naughty? ehhh i want her.

"Cmon Val, let's go to my bedroom.''

"For what?" she replied.


"Fine." she said.


i gently layed her on the bed, and hovered over her kissing her jawline and trailing down to her neck. I then started looking at her and kissed her lips with tongue..



i'm not ready for this..

i know you are babe...

you know me so well..

i asked for entrance, she let me in after about 10 minutes, she kept tugging at my zipper. i smirked. so did she. She took off my pants and shirts but decided to keep my boxers on for her own reason. i took off her shirt and unclasp her bra. i sucked her nipples gently. a moan escaped from her lips. i smirked knowing that she liked it. i cupped my hand on her right breast so i could suck her left nipple. She whispered..."Harry, i want u inside me" her breathing was heavy with envy. i knew i wanted her to be happy, she was soo horny.

i gently tugged down her pants and kissed inbetween her thighs, i used my teeth to pull down her panties. "How many?" i asked. "Just do it HARD and Fast Harry." she said. i stuck in 3 fingers and moved my fingers around her. she moaned in pleasure, i sucked my fingers in her face and she moaned repeatedly. That night we slept together for the first time

"I love you Val"

"I love you Harry"


comment if i should delete this or if i should do anything more interesting..etc..

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