Best Friends.... (12+)

this story is about Harry, he meets a girl and yeah...inappropriate


2. Him...

-Valerie's P.O.V.-

Class started like in what? 10 more minutes and i made this stupid promise to myself that i wont fall in love with 'cute' guys. Ughhh! My first class was Math, so was Harry's i think. Somehow I don't have the nerves to talk to him, because once we get together all of a sudden, BAM! we break up! Anyways, he walked in class wearing glasses, geez I never knew that but I was too busy checking him out, i guess that I never noticed a girl by his side, linking arms,Jealousy ran all over me... i recognized her, it was Annabeth, the fakest sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She was my best friend until she ''accidently'' spilled punch on me and told everyone i was a virgin. I mean, look at her! She had long brown hair, she wore a beanie, a pair of vans, skinny jeans, and a strappless black top with a blue cardigan over it, it is kinda cute... i thought. Harry had the right to date her i mean shes 18, he's 19, i'm guessing and i'm 17. WOO! congrats to me.

-Harry's P.O.V.-

I looked around to find the girl that helped me earlier, I wanted to thank her for showing me around. I found her there in a black dress with ALSO a cardigan over her skinned toned body just like Annabeth's but, she looked hotter, way hotter than Annabeth. I told Annabeth that i would be right back, I didn't like her, she just sorta asked me out, weird huh. I approached the girl that showed me around the school, I took a peek at her name tag, 'Valerie'. It was a beautiful name for a pretty hot girl like her i thought. "Hey, I wanted to thank you for showing me around." i simply said. "You could've asked your girlfriend." she instantly snapped at me. Shit. "Uhm sorry,, i could make it up to you?" She sighed. "I-I- dont know.." she said. Meet my at lunch, ok? But first may i have your number? I saw her hesitate, S-sure. I punched the numbers she gave me on my phone. Thanks, i then kissed her on the lips, it came out of nowhere, I saw her shift uncomfortably. I left class in a hurry. Why did i kiss her? I bet she probably hates me now, oh she hates me anyways. I thought. I felt my phone vibrate, 

Valerie: Why did you kiss me?.. 

Harry: Sorry i wasn't thinking...

Valerie: It's fine really, i kinda liked your kiss..

Holy Gosh, she liked my kiss 

Harry: Thanks.. .x

Valerie: No prob .x :*

Harry: You wanna go out sometime?

Valerie: sure 

Harry: But i wanna say this on text..

Valerie: uhm shoot.

Harry: I wanna be more than friends, More than Best Friends..

Valerie: You mean boyfriend and girlfriend?

Harry: Yeah..

Valerie: Harry,... i dont know...

Harry: Please?

she didn't reply after that....




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