Big brown eyes


1. It all started with a wink

It was a Monday morning. I woke up before my alarm could go off. I was too excited for my first day of high school! I put on a knee length, floral sundress and some sandals. I went down stairs to grab my bookbag and go to school. "Ellie!" My mom called. I turned around. "Well aren't you going to eat breakfast with your brother and I?" She asked while she gave Jacob (my younger brother) some toast. " Can't, I don't want to be late on the first day!" I grabbed a breakfast bar and said " love you!" And I was out the door. Well I guess I haven't properly introduced myself. I'm Ellie Robin and I have had a crush on the same guy since 3rd grade, Liam Payne. One of the main things I liked about him was his big brown eyes. He is so sweet, smart,funny , and attractive! He was my perfect match! To bad he has no idea that I like him and who I am at all. And plus when a million girls aren't following and telling him how perfect he was, Liam was focusing on friends and grades. Once I got to school I went to find my locker. Then something made me fall and drop my books "I'm so sorry, I'm such a cluts!" I knew that voice. I looked up to find none other than Liam Payne helping me pick up my books! "It's okay" I said while we finished picking up the last book. "I'm Liam" he said. "Ellie" I replied remaining calm on the outside but having a party on the inside." Well I guess I'll see ya around Ellie" he said with a wink. The Wink. This could start something new. Something great

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