one direction imagines

imagines of one direction


2. you and him get chase by fans in the mall

              Zayn had a day off so he decided to take for a walk everything was going fine until a couple of fans noticed him they started casing you guys Zayn had found a an empty ware house so you guys decided to hide there till you guys were safe to go home it only took 20 minutes so you guys could go home afterward Zayn kept apologizing.

            Niall wanted to take to the park since it was his last day of break while you guys were walking a fan notice niall and screamed his name and a big crowd started chasing him and you . you guys finally reached your guys flat you kept laughing at Niall because he kept apologizing .

           Liam was going to leave for tour in a few hours so he took you to the mall when you guys arrive at the mall a whole bunch of fans cased you back home leaving Liam's car in the parking lot.

          Harry wanted to take you on a date so you guys ended up going to the beach while swimming a group of fans started chasing you guys afterwards harry bought chocolates his way of saying sorry. 

         Louis took you to eat pizza since both of you were hungry but to lazy to eat when you guys were done eating you guys went for a walk a group of fans started chasing you guys after a while you guys lost the group of fans so guys went home and fell asleep.

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