one direction imagines

imagines of one direction


1. he walks into u dancing

       Liam: you decide to clean up so you put music on and you start to dance the music was loud so you don't hear Liam walk in he walk into the kitchen and sees you dancing to Does He Know you still didn't notice he walked into you while dancing until he wraps his arms around your waist scaring you.


       Niall: Niall is out with the rest of the boys so you decide to listen to music while listening to music wings from  little mix you start dancing while you were dancing you didn't see Niall and the rest of the boys looking at you when you finally notice the imitating your dance moves.


     Harry: Harry is on tour and isn't suppose to come home till next week so you are lonely and bored, but he wanted to surprise so he went to your guys shared flat, and he walked in to you dancing to heart attack from Demi Lovato and turn off the music and you don't notice its off until he starts laughing

   Zayn: Zayn is out with Louis and Eleanor so you have the place all to your self so you turn the t.v on and wake me up come on from Aviici like its your favorite son you start dancing to it you don't hear the door close until someone turns the t.v off you notice son u turn around and see Eleanor, Louis , and Zayn smirking at you.

Louis: Louis is sleeping so you decide to clean up you put music on and start dancing to best song ever the music wakes Louis up so he waakes up and sees you dancing you still don't notice Louis until he bumps into you.



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