one direction imagines

imagines of one direction


8. for poppy and liam

 One day Liam decides to take on a date since  it was your guy's 3 year anniversary you kept asking Liam were he was taking you but all he said was "its a surprise" when you guys got there he blindfolded you. when he took it off you saw a beautiful picnic seat on the beach " Liam this beautiful" you said "but you more beautiful I love poppy" Liam said you blushed after you guys finished Liam and you were looking at the stars after a while Liam said he had to tell you something you got really nervous when you looked at him you saw him on one knee . "Poppy I have always loved from the first day I saw you I knew I wanted to grow old with you, poppy will you do me the honor of being my wife" at first you didn't know what to say so you kissed him " Im taking that as a yes" Liam said you just nodded.

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